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Is this Nibbla really a unique character? This is not like Yoshi the character and Yoshi the species. I thought this Nibbla was just a regular Nibbla but placed in a different situation. I think the two Nibbla articles should be merged with a special section about the Nibbla that follows the Kongs around. -- Son of Suns

Found some useful quotes relating to Nibbla's status as an Animal Buddy just in case anyone wants to contest to it, they are as follows:

  • A hungry fish who seems happy to be your friend - as long as you can keep him well-fed!
  • Nibbla has a voracious appetite, and he'll gobble up other underwater baddies for you. Be careful of his temper though; if he goes hungry or eats a Lurchin, he'll turn nasty.
  • Fish Food Frenzy is one of the most unusual underwater levels in the game. Feed your fishy friend Nibbla as you explore the depths. If you fail, you'll be his catch of the day.
  • Unlike other levels where Nibbla stalked you beneath the waves, this fearsome fish is your friend in Fish Food Frenzy - as long as he's being fed.

As you can see various sources (manuals, player's guides, etc.) contest him as an ally, though a short-tempered, I mean who wouldn't be, pardon my language, pissed if they were fed a spike-covered sea critter? Besides Nibbla seems carnivourous be nature, being some creepy goldfish/piranha-like creature, he probably strains not to eat the Kongs and obediantly follow them through the level.

-- Sir Grodus

P.S. You can fuse this article into the main Nibbla one if thats what you want SoS, probably just give Fish Food Frenzy Nibbla his own section like you said.