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Grodus, where are you getting the spelling of these names? -- Son of Suns

What do you mean? -- Sir Grodus

I mean, do you simply listen for the name, or is it explicitly spelled somewhere? -- Son of Suns

I've seen the name listed in SMBHQ somewhere.
I am Confused 17:50, 27 April 2007 (EDT)

Too bad SMBHQ is unofficial, unless they took an exact source or quote. -- Son of Suns

I listen for the name, going back to re-check occasionally; some websites, such as have names mentioned; the episodes rarely do have things spelt out though. -- Sir Grodus

Whenever I listen to this episode, I just hear Mark Twain. -- Son of Suns

Are you sure; I hear it as Mark Twang, which several places (such as and official episode summaries) have it listed as. -- Sir Grodus

Well, I guess those are better sources than my ears. Carry on. -- Son of Suns

Sometimes you just have to guess what people are saying when an official spelling is unavailable. - Booster