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Is there any notable acts for this guy?(Super F22 Pilot 05:03, 22 November 2007 (EST))

What is up with this whole "notable acts" thing you are talking about? Did it come from Wikia? My Bloody Valentine

No but this Notable acts thing is sure popular to many Mario Fans. IG Crumps Notable act is Lossing over and over again till he never wins.(Super F22 Pilot 05:08, 22 November 2007 (EST))

Fan stuff = Not allowed. POV = Not allowed. Notable Acts falls under both category. My Bloody Valentine

Am I the only one who thinks Lord Crump looks like Wario? They share a similar build, as well as similarily-shaped shoes. I always thought it would be funny if Crump was Wario in disguise. - Lazor'd

Don't take the following comment too seriously: I used to think that Lord Crump is Wario in disguise, but he quite obviously isn't because... well... What relation to the X-Nauts does Wario have? Thinking Lord Crump is Wario in disguise is just a guess and since there's no evidence in the game at all to support this, it shouldn't even be mentioned in the article. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk)

Why does the page list Crump as the secondary antagonist? This would be fine if Grodus is considered to be the main antagonist, but in the wiki's opinion, Beldam is the main antagonist. Imo, he's more of a tertiary antagonist.