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By playing the US and the Japanese versions of game myself, it seems that the house with blood and chalk outline is not Larson's. I've reached a point where there is a blue bandit in that house. In the US version of the game, Goombella's tattle says

That's a bandit who's made
this place his hideout.

Seems like he totally loves
this place...but would it kill
him to clean up a bit?

while in the Japanese version Kurisuchiinu (Goombella) says

ここを かくれ家にして
せいかつしている ボロドーよ

本人は かなり この家を
すこしは そうじを してほしいわ
(Here hiding in the home and
living is Pirurō.

[Though he himself seems really
satisfied with this house,]
I'd like to clean it up a bit.)

Both seem to refer to a random, nameless bandit instead of Larson. This is further confirmed by Larson's presence in the fake wall in east Rogueport at the same time when the bandit mentioned above is present in his home. -- A gossip-loving Toad (Talk) 12:00, 13 August 2016 (EDT)