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I don't agree with using "Kurako" as the name of this page. If "Kurako" and "Kurata" refer to the girl and boy respectively, it seems off to use "Kurako" as an umbrella term here, especially when the Jellyfish Sisters are called the "Jellyfish" Sisters. I dunno, I just think Jellyfish/Kurage, however generic a name it may be, is the more accurate one here. Blinker (talk) 14:20, October 30, 2023 (EDT)

It's a little strange, but there really isn't anything better to use. Sno (talk) was the one who identified the internal names from the 3DS version. Specifically, "kurako" belongs to the girl with the bow, "kurata" belongs to the Surfing Spot boy, while Gigi and Merri are "eren" and "gant". You can say that "kurako" should be the one NPC, except there's also "ko_kurako" for the Bowser/Koopa mode, and that's ostensibly a separate character from the receptionist, making the girls outweigh the boys 4:1 and giving the species a sort of base model. So, I don't think this should change with our present level of info. Here's my suggestion: Mister Wu (talk) should have a copy of the Shogakukan guide. If another name is found there, we can think about using that instead. LinkTheLefty (talk) 14:54, October 30, 2023 (EDT)
I honestly STRONGLY disagree with that, as "Kurako" is really clearly supposed to be the name of the girl specifically, not the species as a whole. I'd suggest making pages for the boy and the girl, as they DO have names (or merging it into minor characters), and then giving this page a conjectural name. The "-ko" ending is typically used for female names and it clearly does not refer to the race as a whole in this instance, calling the page such is inaccurate. BubbleRevolution (talk) 14:04, November 16, 2023 (EST)
Maybe this could be just merged to Jellyfish? It's not like the anthropomorphic frogs from Super Mario RPG are split from Frog, after all. Blinker (talk) 15:08, February 23, 2024 (EST)