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I think this page should be renamed Hip Drop. The policies say that the title of any page must be by the first English name, unless the most recent name is common enough to be used by basically everyone. Hip Drop was the first name, and Ground Pound hasn't become common enough to be used nearly all the time. So what do you say? Should we move this page to Hip Drop? Don't forget this isn't the only thing called Ground Pound you know. SKmaric (talk)

Hip Drop wasn't the first english name for Ground Pound, it was just a term used in the description of the N64 Mario Party games, but the mini-game was actually called Ground Pound.--UM3000 E-102 Gamma.png

Oh. I just thought because the article said that it was actually called Hip Drop for the first three games and was changed to Ground Pound for MP4 and every game after that. I'll go fix that up. SKmaric (talk)