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Fawful Mountain...[edit]

I feel like a freak on this subject with the only user having a guidebook for BiS. Anyways, the point is, in it, the green mountain that you vs. for a part of the Fawful Express Battle, well, it appears to be called Fawful mountain. Should me make a header in it, or do we just make a page for it, because this is offical. Baby Mario Bloops

Well, it should've stated a name whe Bowser is fighting it, so to play it safe, leave the article as is.--FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!
So is Dark Fawful Bomb, and we made it a article, even though it wasn't named in the game. Also, we could just add a header for this article about Fawful Mountain. Baby

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