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With my recent edit, there are a number of things I would've liked to have added for completeness, but I don't have copies of the games with me and was relying on FAQs to double-check things, but I couldn't answer all my own questions with those FAQs. These questions include:

  • In The Lost Levels (the original NES/Famicom versions), do you get a star on the title screen for each time you complete the game, whether you use warp pipes or not, whether you finish in World 8 or World 9?
  • On the World A page on this wiki, it says you need "eight consecutive" wins to unlock World A. Does that mean if you get seven stars, and then get a Game Over on your eighth attempt, the stars disappear from the title screen and you have to try again? Does the game forget your stars and winning streak when you turn off the system? (I completed the game on the Virtual Console, so I never "took out the cartridge".)
  • Do any stars appear on the title screen after the eighth, if you keep playing Worlds 1 through 8/9? (And did anymore stars appear after beating World D?)
  • With those five "Mario heads" in Super Mario Advance, do they appear above a save file, or above the Super Mario Bros. 2 logo on a game select screen? (There weren't multiple save files in that game, were there? The FAQ I was reading called it a file, so I went with that.)
  • Does Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 use that same five point star system that Super Mario Advance 2 and 4 use? I didn't see it mentioned in any FAQs, and so left the Yoshi's Island section alone.

Just jotting all of this down, both in case anyone else can double-check, and to remind myself if I come back and improve things later.

Also, I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to organize remakes separately from the originals and each other. For example, have sections for each Super Mario Advance title, and include completion requirements unique to the Advance version of Super Mario World there instead of under the Super Mario World section. (For example, the different requirements for autumn colors between the two versions.) FiveSparklyStars (talk) 05:35, 2 April 2017 (EDT)

1: Can't answer any of your questions beside this one:

" Does the game forget your stars and winning streak when you turn off the system?"

The Lost Levels doesn't have any password feature or battery back-up, so, yes.

2: Remakes and ports with significant new content should be listed separately from the source game. The only reason they aren't is because I got lazy with my original draft. --Glowsquid (talk) 14:42, 2 April 2017 (EDT)