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Uhhhhhh... I think that this article is unnecessary... BLOC PARTIER.

But I made it after realiseing there is a page for Clone Bowser... User:Zedxclon

Well, lemme check in the official guidebook. If they are listed, we'll create all the articles for them, however if they aren't, an idea would be to merge ____ Clone to Belome. C???

Okay, sounds good User:Zedxclon

Did anyone notice that the clone mario is unnesecarrily giant? --Yoshario (talk)
Thats because we didn't put |#ofpixels on the image. Also, they are listed, so should we create the articles, or just merge them onto this page? C???

I think probably a page for all kinds of Clone would be better personally, so yeah just merge them together User:Zedxclon

I agree. Go for it. And use the SMRPG enemy box, not the Species-infobox... BLOC PARTIER.

I was going to, although I didn't have all the infomation for it, like for example the ammount of hp, sp I used a Species box as it looks better than a partially filled out SMRPG box- User:Zedxclon

Actually they are officially named in-game and in the player's guide, so each one should get its own article. Also, Toadstool Clone is known as Toadstool 2 in the game. -- Son of Suns (talk)