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Any adim semi-protect it. Amazing Super Toad Bros. (talk) 17:07, June 29, 2019 (EDT)


I think we should split this page between the Switch and 3DS versions. It doesn't make sense for the Wii U version to be by itself and these two versions together. Fawful (talk) 10:48, August 22, 2019 (EDT)

They are merged as, excluding graphics, console limitations, and Nintendo Switch exclusive post release content, they are virtually the same version of the same game. Doomhiker (talk)Topmini.png 11:16, August 22, 2019 (EDT)
Are these games not "virtually the same version" as the Wii U version? 16:45, April 15, 2020 (EDT)

Idea for shorter name[edit]

To make the name less long, what if we just called this page "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2018)"? That way, the title is less long, and can still be differentiated easily from the Wii U game. It just looks awkward to have "(Nintendo Switch / Nintendo 3DS)" in an article name tbh... I think it looks okay when it's just one console, like Donkey Kong (Game Boy) for example, but for two or more consoles, I think just writing the year of release would be a better idea. --Metalex123 (talk) 01:40, May 4, 2020 (EDT)