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King Bulblin[edit]

Should an article be made on King Bulbin and Lord Bulbo? And, I mean both of them in one article, not seperate articles for both. My Bloody Valentine

Maybe it will depend if they each have a trophy independent of each other. I dunno. -- Son of Suns
And, that doesn't answer my main question. I want to know if we should make the article on those two! My Bloody Valentine
Right now? I say make two individual articles. -- Son of Suns

Edit War[edit]

There has been a struggle on this page, and it should come to an end. So, explain why you want to get rid of two sections. Hello, I'm Time Turner.

Because if you didn't notice, Gamefreak copied and pasted This onto here when the articles were merged, and he made the talk page redirect to the article. I fixed that(talk pages of merged articles remain where they are; they don't get merged with the new article's talk page), and thus Gamefreak undid his own edit, realizing his mistake. Please look at the history before making assumptions. --Marcelagus (TCE)