Take a Stab

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Take a Stab
Take a Stab.png
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type Rhythm minigame
Music Take a Stab

Take a Stab is a Rhythm minigame in Super Mario Party.


Players have to stab fruit at just the right time to the beat of a tropical/island-themed song. Two Galoombas appear on the sides, which jump when every player gets a "Nice!" result at the same time.

The perfect score is 57 on Normal difficulty and 102 on Hard difficulty.


Joy-Con (L) - Skewer

In-game description[edit]

Sound Stage[edit]

"Skewer the fruit!"


  • "Skewer the fruit to the rhythm!"
  • "Match Lakitu's rhythm as he throws the fruit!"'

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フルーツフェンシング
Furūtsu Fenshingu
Fruit Fencing
Spanish (NOA) Brochetas frutales Fruity skewers
Spanish (NOE) Pinchos frutales Fruity stabs
French Brochettes de fruits Fruit skewers
Dutch Prikpiraten Prick Pirates
German Fruitfechter Fruit Fencer
Italian Infilza-fruta Skewer fruit
Korean 과일 펜싱
Gwail pensing
Fruit Fencing
Chinese 水果击剑 (Simplified)
水果擊劍 (Traditional)
Shuǐguǒ Jījiàn
Fruit Fencing