Skeet (event)

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Skeet (event)
Appeared in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Type Shooting
Info Make your way through eight stations, firing at high and low airborne targets as they’re released. Before shooting, you must stop a moving dot in the middle of a heart. The distance from the middle determines whether your cursor grows or shrinks for more/less range. You only have enough ammunition for one shot per target, so aim carefully. The player with the most total hits wins.
Controls Wiimote: Aim
A: Shoot
Circuits Venus Circuit
Planet Circuit
Supernova Circuit

Shooting, or Skeet is a real-life Olympic event which also appeared in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. It takes place in the Beijing Shooting Range Clay Target Field.

It is the only event in the "Shooting" category, which involves firing at targets with guns. This category, like many others, contains a single event, which in this case is Skeet.


To play Skeet, shoot every single clay that flies across the screen. The player has a gun with a range that the player can choose by shooting a heart. Then shoot as many as possible of the flying clays.


Only the Wii Remote is used in this event. Aim the Wii Remote at the center of the heart that appears and shoot the center just as the moving circle passes through the middle. If the circle is in the very middle it is a great rank and the aiming thing is large. If it is in the little circle around the middle it is a good and the circle is medium. If the dot is anywhere else, it is a bad and the circle is tiny. For the next eight rounds, shoot the clays flying through the air. In each there are about four to six clays and in the last there are eight. The amount of ammo depends on how many clays, they are the same number. Shoot all the clays to get perfect. In the end the player who hit the most clays wins.


DS version[edit]


Miles "Tails" Prower' first mission in the DS version is skeet. He must hit every single target that goes flying across the screen. If he misses even one, he will lose the mission.


Wario's third mission in the DS version is skeet. He must hit the targets just as they intersect making a crosshair. He must do this only once to win the challenge.


Mario's third mission in the DS version is skeet. He must hit the targets, but only the targets that are red. He cannot hit another color or he will lose the challenge. Once he has hit them all (five in total), the challenge will be won.


Waluigi's second mission in the DS version is skeet. It is practically the same as Mario's. Waluigi must hit not the red targets but instead he must hit the blue targets (all five of them) to win the challenge. If he hits another color, he will lose the challenge.

Wii version[edit]


Vector the Crocodile's third mission is skeet. He must basically shoot the targets flying around the screen. The hitch is that all the targets are moving at a faster speed. Vector must hit three targets to complete the challenge.


Knuckles the Echidna' third mission is just like Vector's third mission with the only difference being the number of clays each one has to hit. Vector has to try for three meanwhile Knuckles can hit simply two to complete the event.

Dr. Eggman[edit]

Dr. Eggman's fifth mission in the Wii version is just like Mario's third mission depicted below. He must shoot the targets just as they come together making crosshairs and he, unlike Mario, must do this three times to win the challenge.


Mario's third mission in the Wii version is to aim very precisely. He must shoot only once to hit two targets. The two targets will intersect sometime during their runs making a crosshair. Mario must shoot them just as the crosshair is made to win the challenge.


Princess Daisy's second mission in the Wii version is in the same as Vector's third mission except she must only hit one target, instead of three, to complete the challenge.