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This article is about the Shiny stickers and enemies in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. For the Shiny enemies in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, see the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam bestiary.
Not to be confused with Flashy.

Shiny is a variation of stickers and enemies found in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is possible to tell if a sticker found in the overworld is shiny if there is a slight checkered pattern on it (this is most noticeable with the Shiny Jump sticker) and it sparkles every few seconds, while shiny enemies sparkle all the time and have a noticeable sheen. Shiny stickers in the Album can be identified by their shimmering silver background. Shiny enemies and stickers are stronger than normal stickers and enemies.

Shiny enemies are stronger, attack faster, and take half the damage they should take from stickers (except Things). Shiny enemies include:

All stickers except for the Clone Jump, Infinijump, Burnhammer, Chillhammer, Baahammer, Poison Mushroom, Secret Door and stickers dropped by specific enemies (Barrels, Throwing Stars etc.) have a Shiny variation. In addition, there is a stronger, rarer sticker variation known as Flashy stickers.

In Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, prior to when the Bros. visit Twinsy Tropics, some Paper enemies occasionally appear shiny in battle, but there is a rare chance this happens. The more the player clears Expert Challenges, the more common the chances are for the paper enemies to appear shiny. Equipping the Shiny Ring increases the chances as well. Shiny Paper enemies are stronger than their regular Paper versions and have higher levels than average. Non-copy enemies' HP are increased by 40%, copy enemies' HP are increased by 20%, their POW, DEF, and SPEED are increased by 50%. They also have a high chance of dropping rare items, like amiibo Cards. The player earns three times the EXP and four times the coin drop amounts from Shiny Paper enemies upon defeat. Shiny RoboBowser, the final boss of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, dons this trait as well.



  • Rarely, a red Koopa Troopa may drop a Shiny Shell sticker.
  • Nearly every sticker in all of World 4 (including the ones dropped by enemies) are either Shiny or Flashy.
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star's Prima Guide mentions a Shiny Dry Bones, although this enemy is not seen anywhere in the game. Shiny variants of Paper Dry Bones were later seen in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam in-game. Also in the Prima Guide, it mentions Shiny versions of the 2-Fold Goomba, although it doesn't appear anywhere.