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This is an archive of a successful unfeature article nomination. If this page is unprotected, do not modify its contents, as it is an archive of past discussions.

Beldam was nominated to be unfeatured at 16:50, 19 July 2014 and passed at 14:51, 4 August 2014.

Remove Featured Article Status[edit]

  1. Ashley and Red (talk)I know, I know: I tried to unfeature it since a time and failed...yes! However, this article doesn't agree with all the rules of the wiki such:
    • Repetitive Writing (Beldam and the shadow sirens, she and her sisters, she and the sirens);
    • Toooooo long article, that details mostly the game's story instead of her role in it;
    • It was in the rewritten category, till someone removed it from. I don't know why, in my opnion, it should ne rewritten.
      I think this is enough, don't you guys?
  2. Joseph (talk) Per Ashley and Red.
  3. Baby Luigi (talk) Per all
  4. Yoshi876 (talk) Per all.
  5. Mario (talk) I supported unfeaturing this article because of its crappily-written history and background section.
  6. Tsunami (talk) Per Ashley and Red. Too much story of the game in it and I can see too much this "Sir Grodus" appear in the article. I, that don't own this game, didn't get much of the charafter "Bedlam" but I learned parts of the story of the game. I don't think this would be the point of this article. I would unfeature AND slap a rewrite. It should be similar to Vivian.

Keep Featured Article Status[edit]

Removal of Support/Oppose Votes[edit]


I don't like the length and the cluttered images in this article. Yeah, the writing probably isn't the best, especially if this article is longer than Vivian's article, a related, but featured article. Mario (Santa)'s map icon from Mario Kart Tour Mario-HOHO! (Talk / Stalk) 16:27, 23 July 2014 (EDT)

The article keeps telling that Beldem and her sisters, organized the whole story. I doubt that she worked with any of her sisters on the matter, especially Vivian, who joined Mario, if she knew, she would probably tell him.--

User:MegadarderyUser talk:MegadarderyDashbot signature

16:47, 23 July 2014 (EDT)

Agreed, and these images aren't the best..User:Ashley anEoTselkie/sig 20:10, 27 July 2014 (EDT)