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Mario Kart (series)[edit]

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This is an archive of a successful unfeature article nomination. If this page is unprotected, do not modify its contents, as it is an archive of past discussions.

Mario Kart (series) became unfeatured at 11:48, 29 March 2013.

Remove Featured Article Status[edit]

  1. LeftyGreenMario (talk) I have some issues with this article. The first thing I did was tagging an image needed template in the item section, because the section is seriously devoid of images. Another issue I have is the organization of the article. The game section, and maybe some other sections (e.g. technique, game modes) needs to be put into neat tables, much as the Yoshi (franchise) article. And last, this article is missing information on the Arcade GP games. Until this article gets some overhaul on its appearance, it shouldn't be featured like this.
  2. King Pikante (talk) The organization of the article is not very good and the item section lacks pictures.
  3. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Per all. The item section desperately needs a table.
  4. GreenDisaster (talk) Everything that I want to say has already been said. Per all.
  5. MeritC (talk) Per all; I call foul on this as well. This article is not presentable enough considering there are no additional images place here to help describe the content better. And agreed with LeftyGreenMario, that image tag WAS needed in this case.

Keep Featured Article Status[edit]

Removal of Support/Oppose Votes[edit]


Lefty, I have to tell you that there are minor differences in the Mario Kart Arcade GP games (the only difference being courses, characters, and karts I believe), so they may not need as much expanding as you think, especially Mario Kart Arcade GP 2. Of course, though, Arcade GP DX isn't even out yet so we can't expand on that. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

Yeah, I know that, but don't you think it's still a good idea to include items from Mario Kart Arcade GP? Or am I asking too much? LeftyGreenMario (talk)