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Shigeru Miyamoto



  1. NSY (talk) Just way too short to feature. Sorry dude.
  2. Turboo (talk) - This is far too short to feature, and it doesn't matter whether or not he created the Mario series. The point of featured articles is to display the best of what the wiki has to offer, and this article does not qualify.
  3. GreenDisaster (talk) An article is featured on its own merits, not the history or popularity of whoever the article covers, and right now, this article is simply too short for it to be featured.
  4. ThePremiumYoshi (talk) - Per all.
  5. Yoshi876 (talk) Per Turboo

Removal of Opposes


You do realize that the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of the Mario series is not a reason to feature or unfeature this article, right? We should only feature articles because of their content, if they are well-written, etc. --- ThePremiumYoshi