Ice Hockey (event)

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Ice Hockey as seen in the Wii version

Ice Hockey is a winter sport event found in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The players will face Dry Bowser in this event. The event takes place at Canada Hockey Place, also known as Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks. Each Period in the Wii Version lasts 60 seconds and the players can set how many periods are there in the game, ranging from 1-3. In the DS version, each period lasts from 5:00 to 15:00, but the total time is divided by 10, making each period last from 30 to 90 seconds. Whoever has the most goals at the end of the game wins the match, but in the Wii version only, if no one scores after all periods has been played, then an Extra Period will begin and the next team who scores a goal before the 60 seconds are up wins. The only referee who drops the puck in the Wii version is Charmy Bee from the Sonic series. The rival for this game is Dry Bowser. In the Wii version, the player can pick four characters, while in the DS version, the player can pick two only.

Wii version[edit]

In the Wii version of Ice Hockey the controls are simple.

  • Swing the Wii Remote to body check/shoot
  • Press the A Button button to pass/check/catch puck with goalie

Charged Shots[edit]

A player can do a Charged Shot by passing the puck multiple times, thus charging the puck. To do a charged shot shake the Wii Remote when on its side.

DS version[edit]

In the DS version, the stylus and touch screen is used. There are two players, and a Shy Guy as a goalie for each team. Similar to the Wii version, passing the puck makes combos/musical notes to increase the speed and goal percentage of the shot.


  • Move: Hold stylus down and drag to player where it need to go
  • Faceoff: Touch screen when the screen shows the start icon


  • Pass: Tap screen to pass in that direction
  • Shoot: Slide stylus towards opposition's goal
  • Manual shot: Slide stylus towards own goal, then slide stylus towards opposition's goal to shoot in aimed direction


  • Shoulder Charge/Check:Drag player at the opponent with the puck
  • Body check/hit: Slide stylus towards the opposition with the puck. May give a 10 sec. penalty
  • Switch player: Tap player without puck
  • Goalie save attempt: touch the screen just before puck hits goalie