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“It's the delicious-looking garlic-shaped building over there!”
Wario, Mario Super Sluggers
Overhead view of the Dynamo.
An overhead view of the dynamo.

The dynamo is a power generator located in the middle of Wario City in the Wii game Mario Super Sluggers. During the challenge mode, Bowser Jr. has invaded Wario City and cut the power across the town. Because of this fog rolls in and hinders the view of the player. After the player rescues Wario from the top of building he was trapped on, Wario points out that the only remaining place without electricity is his baseball field, which is due to the dynamo being out of power. A Boomerang Bro takes credit for the dynamo being out and a Red Koopa Troopa pleads Wario to fix the dynamo so the fog can disappear and the stadium regains electricity. Wario then challenges the Boomerang Bro in mission in which the Boomerang Bro loses. It admits that the electrical currents are rewired and out of place. The Koopa Troopa suggests Wario uses his magnet to re-power the broken circuits, commencing a mini-game in which the Wario must use his magnet to attract lost parts in the circuit and match them based on color. If successful, the dynamo regains its power and restores electricity to the baseball field. The fog also clears out of the ball field, revealing Bowser Jr. who claims credit for being the cause of the fog. Bowser Jr. then challenges the player to a mission, where the goal is to win the game.

The dynamo itself is a yellow, garlic-shaped building with purple stands keeping it off the ground. It is surrounded by electrical fuses and outlets that serve as the source of its power. The entire building, including the outlets and fuses, are enclosed in a tall, blue chain-linked fence.