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Dream Table Tennis in the Nintendo DS version. Shown: Wario against Knuckles the Echidna

Dream Table Tennis is a Table Tennis-based Dream Event in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, taking attributes from the Mario and Sonic series and is similar to Dream Fencing in that it is a variation of a normal event but features new fantastic gameplay elements. Unlike Table Tennis, Dream Table Tennis utilizes rally scoring. When a player scores, they get a point for every hit in the rally. The players have a gauge that increases. Once it is filled to a certain degree, characters can use special attacks; these attacks may have effects can be incredibly fast returns or invisible balls. The first player to reach a set amount of points is the victor.


Wii version[edit]

Dream Table Tennis is played by holding the Wii Remote like a paddle. Players swing the remote to hit the ball. A serve is executed by first swinging the controller up to throw the ball up and then swinging at the right time to finish the serve. Forehand and Backhand swings can be used and are determined by how the player swings the controller. Holding down the A Button button during a volley will make the character simply rebound the ball over the net. Pressing down the B Button button will make the ball rocket over the table (which is best countered by using a rebound shot). Holding down both A Button and B Button when the gage is filled activates a characters special attack. The special attacks either make the ball invisible or knock the other character over.

DS version[edit]

This event is one of the few DS events where the Touch Screen isn't utilized. The Y Button and A Button buttons are used for regular swings and the B Button button is used to send a very fast rebound across the table. The X Button button activates a character's special attack.



Amy Rose's fourth mission is Dream Table Tennis. To win it, she must finish with a special move when she has her last point.


Luigi's fifth mission in the Wii version is Dream Table Tennis. To win this mission, Luigi must rally a 10 shot rally, score 10 points all at once.


Vector the Crocodile's fourth mission is Dream Table Tennis. To win it, he must defeat Yoshi.


Wario's third mission is Dream Table Tennis. To win this mission, he must defeat Mario.


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