Dream Ski Jumping

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Shadow in Dream Ski Jump

Dream Ski Jumping is a dream event appearing in the game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. In this game, players must ski off a platform into Good Egg Galaxy. Players need to reach day 8 in Individual Festival or day 10 in Team Festival in order to try this event. Players must collect Star Bits to gain points. By collecting three star rings, the players will get double the value of the starbits they collect in the next few seconds. Players also must avoid the planetoids, or else they could lose points by crashing into one or lose all the star rings they collected. The race finishes by landing over a yellow-purple star-shaped planetoid. Landing at any spot over the planetoid, it is possible to earn extra points. Should the player miss landing the planetoid, however, will result with the character falling into the black hole.

  • Green Star Bits - 10 points
  • Purple Star Bits - 30 points
  • Orange Star Bits - 50 points

DS version[edit]

Rocket Ski Jumping

Dream Ski Jumping also appears in the DS version, referred to as Rocket Ski Jumping. It is very similar to Dream Long Jump in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. The event takes place on a new place called Cape Aurora. The player must try to land on the farthest snow island possible. The stylus is used for this event. An energy bar is shown near the top right to show how much farther the character can go before losing altitude. To move the character, the player must touch wherever they want the character to go; increasing the altitude and going right or left all use energy. Stroking up with the stylus gives the player a boost, but this uses up even more energy and should be done before passing through a ring to minimize the amount lost. If the player goes through the rings, they sometimes replenish their energy bar a little. Items appear in this event, and Flappers fly around as well. If a character gets too close to them, the Flapper will fly towards the character and explode if they run into it. When all energy is depleted, the rockets on the skis will fall off and the character will start to descend. To land, the player must stroke down, and avoid falling into the water. The player must slide left to right to stop after landing. Metal Sonic is battled here.