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I've been browsing through random articles on items, and the use of this category is rather sporadic: to use Category:Super Paper Mario Special Items as an example, while most of the items there only use that category (and other ones like cat:Cards and :cat:Artifacts, though that's not entirely relevant now), there are a couple that have a link to this category, and judging by all the links here, there are many more that use it. What should be the constant: having the category for all items, or having it for none of them? I have read through MarioWiki:Categories, and I'm honestly unable to follow it, or at the very least I'm unable to find a section that's relevant to this. Hello, I'm Time Turner.

Articles are supposed to get game-specific categories (or series-specific if there isn't enough items per game to warrant game-specific categories), and those categories lead back to series-wide categories and those lead back here. There isn't much use to have one undifferentiated category of every item in every game, so it's better to use these very broad subjects (like Category:Characters, Category:Enemies, etc.) as hubs of more usefully focused categories. SPM was my worked example after the policy was originally adopted, and a few other games followed suit, but I never got around to trying to make a concentrated effort to implement it en-masse since there were some theoretical aspects that didn't work too well in practice and so I wanted to streamline both the system and the admittedly unwieldy policy page first. I actually have started working on it recently, and will hopefully be able to finish it this year, finally, but it all depends on RL business. - Walkazo 14:29, 19 May 2015 (EDT)
Understood! I suppose I should wait for the policy to be finalized before making any edits. Hello, I'm Time Turner.