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The cat Kitty seen in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Misadventures in Babysitting."
First Appearance Super Mario Land (1989)
Latest Appearance Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (2016)
Related Species
Shy Guy Lion
Galley Cat
Pushy Cat
Mellow Kitty
Cage Beast
Legendary Cat Dancers
Cat O' 9 Tails
Notable Members
Black Cat
Killer Kitty of the Caskervilles
Harry (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)
King Totomesu
Big the Cat
Blaze the Cat

Cats are an uncommon species in the Mario franchise. Francis seems very fond of cats as he has robotic versions of cats all over his fort as maids, security and attacking. There are cat-related creatures such as Cat O' 9 Tails, Galley, Pushy, and Mellow Kitties, as well as Francis's robot cats, Gaos and Blitties. Despite rarely appearing in games, there is a form based on cats in Super Mario 3D World called Cat Mario.


WarioWare series[edit]

Cats appear in multiple microgames in the WarioWare series. A humanoid cat named Spitz is a recurring character throughout the series with his dog partner, Dribble, as taxi drivers. The Legendary Cat Dancers appear along with Jimmy T. in his story. Jimmy is walking when he sees a cat in the rain partly behind a trash can, he then gives it his umbrella, which causes the cat and a few others to follow him and dance with him at Club Sugar. Once its all over, every cat and Jimmy T. leave Club Sugar. Then after that, the cat with Jimmy's umbrella returns it to him. The Cat Dancers have dog counterparts who are called The Legendary Dog Dancers who go with Jimmy P.

Mario's Time Machine[edit]

SNES (left) and PC (right)
SNES (left) and PC (right)
SNES (left) and PC (right)

In Mario's Time Machine, Mario is given a cat by Julius Caesar after traveling back in time to Alexandria in the year 47 BC. In ancient Egypt, cats were often revered, but since Julius Caesar is apparently allergic to them, he gives the one crawling around his feet to Mario. This cat can then be given to a nearby guard of Cleopatra, who has been complaining about all of the rats that are scurrying around his area. Once the guard has the cat, he sets it loose on the cat while saying that he is going to worship it forever, and to show his thanks to Mario, he answers his various questions about Cleopatra.