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This article is about the baseball player enemies named "Baseball Boys". For the level named after them and where the first appeared, see The Baseball Boys.
The Baseball Boys' first appearance in the game

Baseball Boys refers to a pair of enemies appearing in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, with clear relation to Zeus Guys and Bandits. Aside from the physical similarities to those two enemies, Baseball Boys specifically operate using baseball equipment. They often appear in groups of two or more.

  • Green Glove: These Baseball Boys catch eggs Yoshi throws at them and throw them back. Though this can often send Yoshi off a cliff, it can also be used to the player's advantage if he or she gets the catcher to send the egg into a desired target.
  • Slugger: This type of Baseball Boy directly hits the eggs thrown at them back toward Yoshi, and can also hit objects as large as Chomp Rock Boulders rolling at them back. They will also swing at Yoshi if he gets too close.

Grunts also greatly resemble the members of the Baseball Boys.

Baseball Boys are similar to Chargin' Chucks, who appear in Super Mario World, in some respects. Both groups appear to be athletes of an American sport, and both take three jumps to defeat. Also, Yoshi can't use his tongue against the two groups either.