Hoo's Wood

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Hoo's Wood
Hoo's Wood.png
Greater Location Vibe Island
Capital N/A
Ruler Hoo
Inhabitants Piranha Plants, Koopas
First Appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
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Hoo's Wood is the second area in Vibe Island, which is the location of Princess Peach's adventure in Super Princess Peach. It is a forest with lush vegetation and many tall trees. It is also located northeast of Ladida Plains (apparently separated by a lake as seen on the map screen). Hoo is the ruler of the land. Piranha Plants are also seen often.


Hoo's Wood 2-1[edit]

At the start of the level, colored mushrooms are seen. On some of the mushrooms, Koopas appear. There are also exclamation blocks that will create platforms where the outlines were. There are also water sections with Cheep Cheeps. White blocks with green spots on them also are shown. At the end of the level, Bullet Bills appear.

Hoo's Wood 2-2[edit]

In the beginning of the level, there will be an auto-scrolling area where Spinys will be seen. Peach cannot go down the first two Warp Pipes, but she can go down the last. Bigger versions of the white blocks with green spots are are also featured. Paratroopas, Nipper Plants, Sad Spinys, Ravens, Lakitus, Cheep Cheeps,and Mad Paratroopas are also seen. Plus, there is a blue wheel object that has a smiley face in the middle. Using the Gloom vibe will make the pipe in the last area accessible. Glad Red Koopas make an appearance there.

Hoo's Wood 2-3[edit]

Right at the start, players might notice a small orange Piranha Plant. When the player approaches it, the plant turns out to be a Glad Piranha Plant. It will rise up into the air and spit fireballs. Slightly after, normal Piranha Plants will appear. After going down the warp pipe, Peach will come across a maze-like area. Mad Goombas and a Red Paratroopa are seen. Also, another blue wheel object is seen. In the next area, wind will be blowing and push Peach back. Mad Paratroopas and Paratroopas appear. Volcano Plants are also seen. After going down the final Warp Pipe, Spinys will be seen very quickly. The player will also see a fan-like object. Using the Joy vibe will spin the fan, making the area accessible.

Hoo's Wood 2-4[edit]

At the start of this level, it will auto-scroll up. There will be ladders for Peach to climb, and enemies to dodge. Once she hops in the Warp Pipe, there will be a new minigame, called Toad Jump. After obtaining the minigame, Goombas will come to the players' eye. Soon platforms, Warp Pipes, the big white and green-spotted blocks, hills, and a crystal will also be there. The next Warp Pipe takes Peach to an area with a Piranha Plant at the start of it, and then there will be a water section where circular logs will be, and in between them is a Cheep Cheep. There is a little grass area with a Nipper Plant after that section, and a little sprout is seen. After another water section, a Warp Pipe and Sad Nipper Plant are awaiting. Right away, the player might notice a swarm of bats blocking a Warp Pipe. Using the Rage vibe will clear them away. After going there, Spinys and a Sad Raven are seen. The same fruit from Hoo's Wood 2-2 is there. After that are some enemies and a Warp Pipe. In the next area, Glad Ptooies are seen, and so is a water section. A spring is before the water section, and Peach will need to carry it over to the other side. After that, she will need to bounce on it to get to the platforms and defeat the Glad Ptooie, and the level is completed.

Hoo's Wood 2-5[edit]

This level starts off with Glad Ptooies and Cheep Cheeps. There is a Warp Pipe after the second Cheep Cheep, which will take Peach to an area where the Gloom vibe is handy. While in use, players will have to jump over enemies. After that, another swarm of bats appear, blocking the way. After coming back, Glad Red Koopas will be seen. After them, a Warp Pipe will be there to take Peach to an area with a quick water section. A right arrow made out of coins will be seen, giving hints. Once Peach takes the Warp Pipe, right away, she can take another Warp Pipe that will lead her to coins, a heart, and a crystal. Another fan is also at the start of the area. Glad Piranhas, Koopas, and Paratroopas will be the only enemies in this short area. The pipe will lead to a Sad Goomba, Bob-ombs, fruit, and a Mad Paratroopa. Then Peach will have to dodge Sad Goombas by staying on the springs. After that, she will have finished the level.

Stylus Challenge[edit]

After completing the first five levels of Hoo's Wood, Peach will reach the boss of the world. To reach the boss, Peach first must complete a stylus challenge. Here the player must use the stylus to spin a log up to the top of the level while avoiding tree braches that stick out and retract. This challenge is also alike to the one in Wavy Beach.

Once she reaches the top, she will see a Toad inside in a bubble. With joy, the Princess runs to free the Toad but a giant owl, Hoo, swoops down and grabs him with its talons. Hoo swoops back down and the battle begins.

Boss Battle[edit]

Hoo the Owl[edit]

To defeat Hoo, Peach must jump on his head. This can be done by jumping when he swoops at Peach, or using the joy vibe to fly above him. After three hits, he will break the platform, causing Peach to fall while he is attacking. The player will only be able to get above him with the Joy Vibe while Peach is falling.


1. Hoo can swoop at Peach, which damages her if it hits.

2. Hoo can throw eggs which hatch into Mini-Hoos. Peach can get Vibe Crystals by attacking them. While Peach is falling, Hoo throws eggs around him as a shield. They slowly move outwards.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モーリの森[1]
Mōri no Mori
Hoo's Forest
French Bois de Hoo
German Eulenwald
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