Army Hammer Bro.

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Army Hammer Bro.
The Army Hammer Bro holding Mario captive.
Species Hammer Bro.
First Appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
SPP-Army Hammer Bro.PNG
Normal Army Hammer Bro..png

The Army Hammer Bro. is a major character and mini-boss fought before the final showdown with Bowser in Super Princess Peach. He is the one who finds the Vibe Scepter in the game. The Army Hammer Bro. leads the percent of the Koopa Troop made up of the Hammer Bros., although (according to the Glossary) it's unknown if he is actually any stronger at all. The Army Hammer Bro. is notable for being the only Hammer Bro. known to possess horns sticking out of his helmet.

Army Hammer Bro., clad in black armor, is first seen in the game's opening, where Bowser sends him out to cause anarchy in the Mushroom Kingdom. Taking several of his Hammer Bros. along, as well as a rather vital Goomba, the Army Hammer Bro. sets off to fulfill his orders. In the end, he and his troops manage to do just what they are commanded to: not only did they kidnap several Toads, they also manage to take both Mario and Luigi themselves off to Bowser's Villa.

The Army Hammer Bro. isn't seen until the final stage of the game. As Princess Peach walks up to Bowser, she sees the Army Hammer Bro. in front of his king. He sarcastically rants about Princess Peach's courage, angering her. Then, Bowser uses the Vibe Scepter to power him up with Rage, and he battles Princess Peach. The Army Hammer Bro. is not much different than his brethren, but he does throw slightly bigger hammers and can endure more hits. Although the Army Hammer Bro. can summon his Hammer Bro. underlings to assist him, all that Princess Peach must do is whack him with Perry five times. Then, she will move on to fighting Bowser himself.


  • The Army Hammer Bro. is notably the only boss in the game to use his vibe right at the beginning of the fight rather than just after taking damage three times; additionally, he can use that vibe as many times as he wants (indicated by his roar), which he uses to summon more Hammer Bros. if there are little to no more of them.
    • Another peculiarity of note is that, whenever the Army Hammer Bro. is roaring, Princess Peach can't hit him with Perry; doing so only stuns her for a brief moment. Vibe Powers don't cause damage to him while roaring either.