Top 10

By Egg Yoshi (talk)

This is Egg Yoshi with the special Top Ten! Thank-you, Thank-you, Hold your applause. For the Special Issue, I’ve decided to do the Top Ten on Major Koopas! Um, I guess I should probably get started on the list.

11. Bowser (I added an 11th for the special occasion)

The leader of the Koopa Klan that always tries (unsuccessfully) to kidnap peach.

10. Roy Koopa

Bowser’s 3rd youngest kid took over Skyland. He loves to bully others.

9. Jr. Troopa

This young little hatchling was fought 6 times in Paper Mario

8. Wendy O. Koopa

Bowser’s 4th youngest kid (including Bowser jr.) took over Waterland and a spoiled brat

7. Iggy Koopa

Bowser’s 5th youngest child took over Giantland. He is twins with Lemmy.

6. Kooper

Mario’s 2nd partner in Paper Mario. He wants to be an archeologist when he grows up.

5. Larry Koopa

Bowser’s 2nd youngest child took over Grassland and loves to spy.

4. Lemmy Koopa

Bowser’s 2nd oldest kid took over Iceland and is twins with Iggy. He also loves to roll on his ball.

3. The Koopa Bros.

Then First Boss (excluding King Goomba) of Paper Mario. They are “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” wannabe’s and think they are really cool.

2. Ludwig Von Koopa

Bowser’s Oldest Child who loves to invent. He took over Pipeland.

1. Morton Koopa Jr.

Bowser’s 3rd youngest child took over Desertland. He loves to talk and doesn’t know when to stop.

Well, that’s it for this month. See you in 31 days!