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Classic Review

by Yoshi301 (talk)

Hello! It's Yoshi301 again. This week I will be writing about Super Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins. I know many people would like me to do Super Mario Land, but I don't have it. I was nice of my cousin to let me Steal Borrow this game from her. OK, This game is for the Game Boy. This is the game that Wario debuted in. The game takes place right after Super Mario Land. Mario is returning to his land after rescuing Princess Daisy, but Wario had taken over while Mario was Away. The six golden Coins that mario needs to get into the castle are all separated in different zones, You need to find every coin, go into the castle and beat Wario! The zones were the Tree Zone, Turtle zone, Mario zone, Micro zone. The pumpkin zone, and the space zone.

The Story

This game dosn't have too much of a story. If you don't have Super Mario Land (like me), it can get confusing. The main point of the game is really just for playing purposes in my opinion.

The Game-Play and Graphics

I liked that on the Game-Boy color, if you pressed the controll pad the color would change That way it looks like mario is sick in the mario zone if you choose green. I thought it was annoying that you had to defeat the bosses for keys again when you get a Game-Over. That got really annoying after about 21 times (I was counting).

Characters,enemies, and Bosses! (oh-my!)

There wasn't many characters in in Super Mario Land 2. All I can think of are Mario and a Toad. I don't think it NEEDED more characters, but it would have been nice. I liked how there were a lot of new enemys (like Bazooka and andScrew) and had some of the old enemys (like goomba and Koopa-Troopa). I liked the idea of 7 zones. I also liked the idea of levels outside of the zomes. Each zone had a little twist to it (Getting swalled by a turtle, Getting shrunken,ect).


I love the music in this game. Yes it ws basicly the sae song, but each version is different. The music in the tree zone has a lot of extra notes. The music in interrior levels is slow and has pauses inbetween some notes


  • Game-play: 6/10
  • Graphics: 6/10
  • Story: 8/10
  • Characters: 5/10
  • Enemys: 9/10
  • Areas: 10/10
  • Music: 10/10
  • Overall: 7.375/10

It got a pretty good scoring in the end