The 'Shroom:Issue XXII/FTMV

From the Mushroom Vaults

by — Stooben Rooben Let's cheat AGGRESSIVELY.

Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

Since this is Blitz's last month as Director of the 'Shroom, I'ma dedicating this issue to him!

Secrets: Half-Life 2 Luigi's Mansion (GCN) Luigi's Mansion boxart

So, let's start out with...Luigi's Mansion! I was gonna do Half-Life 2, but FTMV has to be about Mario games. What a load. Anyway, so I heard you like cheese. Well, there's a lot of Cheese in Luigi's Mansion, and when you find it, you can earn a lot of money! Whenever a piece of cheese is seen, use the Game Boy Horror to examine in; a gold mouse ghost will come rocketing out of teh cheese. So, be sure to suck up the gold mouse with the Poltergust 3000 so you can earn a lot of money. Here's the locations of the cheese:

  • Floor one — dining room underneath a chair.
  • Floor one — room with the crystal ball behind the fortune teller.
  • Floor two — study behind a desk.
  • Floor two — dining room at the back.
  • Floor three — trophy room behind a chair.

Tips: Super Mario 64 (N64) North American box art of Super Mario 64.

Now, what would an issue of FTMV dedicated to Blitzwing be without...

*drum roll*


The Snufit Ball is awesome, and it deserves to be covered in FTMV. How exactly am I going to fit info about Snufit Ball into FTMV, you ask? Simple! I'll tell you what not to do around a Snufit Ball. In fact, I'll write it like an article to prove it can be an article.

Snufit Balls are large spherical projectiles that are black in color. In Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, Snufits would shoot Snufit Balls from their mask in order to inflict damage on Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, or Wario. Before firing the Snufit Ball, the Snufit would inflate somewhat like a balloon, and after firing, would return to its normal size. The Snufit Ball would cause two bars of damage to the player, thus, if he or she had been hit with four Snufit Balls in a row, their game would be over. The Snufit Ball can be relatively easy to avoid. By quickly running in the opposite direction that the Snufit Ball is coming in, the player can avoid being damage by the Snufit Ball. However, this is the only way to avoid being damaged by the Snufit Ball. Yoshi, though he can eat most things, cannot eat the Snufit Ball; if he attempts to eat a Snufit Ball, he will take the same amount of damage he would have if he had been directly hit with the Snufit Ball. It is unknown what the Snufit Ball is actually made out of. Though it is a large projectile, it does not explode; rather, it simply vanishes in a brief puff of dust after hitting it's target or the ground.

Hah! Take that, opposers to the creation of the Snufit Ball article!

Anyway, I'd like to wish Blitz the very best. I've enjoyed working under him greatly. To me, he was the greatest Director of The 'Shroom, and it is very likely that he always will be. Blitz, I hope you enjoy your life outside of being Director. So, now you can just relax. ...AGGRESSIVELY.