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Special Interviews

<Tucayo> Hello dear readers, we are here with none other than the already-veteran staff member and Director candidate, SMB! He has done the other interviews, which have been great, but I thought he should also be interviewed, so I took over his role as interviewer
<Tucayo> Hello SMB

<SMB> a!!!!!!!!!!!

<Tucayo> Tell us, SMB, how did you get first involved in The 'Shroom?

<SMB> Well... I think I was introduced to The 'Shroom by a comic I wanted to write called "Character Battles". That, or it was that I presented the idea of the Music & Artwork team to you and you then hired me to direct it... I really forget. x_X

<Tucayo> I think it was the Character Battles, which I participated in, by the way :)

<SMB> Yup. Those darn blue shells... :P

<Tucayo> They come when you least expect them
<Tucayo> The Music & Artwork team was first your idea, tell me, how did you come up with that idea?

<SMB> To be honest, I forget. I guess it was because I felt it was a reasonable and good expansion to the paper. You know, to broaden our horizons a bit.

<Tucayo> And it really worked, I even think that is what partially inspired Pipe Plaza, another team made by you, am I right?

<SMB> Yeah. The Pipe Plaza was a slightly different story... kind of. It was more of an idea I had to make the paper a bit more community-oriented and to merge one considerably successful project (The 'Shroom) with a failing project (Pipe Plaza) to get things working.

<Tucayo> The old Pipe Plaza was indeed a mess, despite some of my intents to revive it
<Tucayo> Have things gone as you had hoped with these 2 projects?

<SMB> Mostly. I think that both teams really have more potential, though... I hadn't expected a full sign-up sheet when I made it, but if it ever gets a full-house... Man, I think they'd be as highly regarded as the Fake News and Fun Stuff.
<SMB> I feel that the Pipe Plaza is a bit more successful than the Music & Artwork, though.
<SMB> The writers for each team are all great; I can tell they put quite a bit of effort into their sections. It just so happens that the Pipe Plaza has more writers than the M&A.

<Tucayo> What I like about M&A the most, is that it involves the users more directly, like in the skecthes

<SMB> Yeah. I like the M&A for that as well. Music and artwork are very involving activities (for lack of a better term).

<Tucayo> Off to the next question
<Tucayo> Whenever a new issue is released, which article is the first you read?

<SMB> Hm... To be honest, it varies from issue to issue.
<SMB> Depends on what I feel like reading at that time.

<Tucayo> Yeah, happens to me too
<Tucayo> How have you seen the 'Shroom improve in the last 2 years?

<SMB> Well, it was great when I joined in 2009 and it was still good quite a bit afterwards. We ran into problems in terms of quality and length of sections for a while (as well as participation in the paper at all), but you and Stooben managed to steer us back in the right direction, with requiring applications when a user wants to write and cracking down on quality.
<SMB> In early 2010, plagiarism was a bit of a problem, but that also got fixed quickly.

<Tucayo> What are your biggest plans for next year, in case you win?

<SMB> Hm... Well, I mostly plan on trying to have more writers join. I also plan on starting up some other projects that we couldn't do this year (section on the month almost happened, but we canceled it due to a lack of structure and adequate time to plan it out). I'm also considering who to put into the Core Staff positions (kind of like with what I did for the Poll Committee; I tried planning it out so I wouldn't be rushed in the case that I won).
<SMB> Other plans... Of course there are, but the ones I told you are of almost highest priority.

<Tucayo> Good ideas. Now, which candidate will you most likely support, in the case Marioguy1 and Ralphfan are the other 2?

<SMB> It really depends. I feel MG1 and Ralph are both pretty qualified (both are dedicated staff members and great colleagues)... In fact, if they do run, I might just have to abstain. :P
<SMB> It depends on what they have planned.

<Tucayo> Yeah, we won't know until we see

<SMB> Exactly.

<Tucayo> Now, I bet you were getting ready for this question
<Tucayo> Is this the last question?

<SMB> That particular question you just asked?
<SMB> No. :P

<Tucayo> And there is still one more!
<Tucayo> Random question, favorite ice cream flavor?

<SMB> Hm... Neapolitan. :D Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry make a great mix!

<Tucayo> The best of 3 worlds!
<Tucayo> Thanks a lot, SMB, and good luck in the Election!

<SMB> Thanks a ton. It means a lot. :)

<Tucayo> This was Tucayo, thanks for reading us, and good night!