by Mario riding YoshiXzelionETC

Xzelion: How did you find the wiki?
Pokemon DP: Well, I used to be a big Bulbapedia Browser. After a while, I decided to find a MarioWiki for my brother. I found it via link on Wikipedia, I think it was the Bowser Jr. or Princess Daisy article I found the link on.

Xzelion: How did making your first edit feel like?
Pokemon DP: Kinda scary. My first edit was a big edit, and on a character from a series I have never played. However, it felt good doing something on a website, in this case, editing a Wiki.

Xzelion: Do you remember who welcomed you?
Pokemon DP: Aipom

Xzelion: Out of all the articles, which is your favorite to edit?
Pokemon DP: Everyone knows that by now, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl article of course.

Xzelion: Out of all the users, which one(s) help you the most?
Pokemon DP: Xzelion
Xzelion: Anyone else?
Pokemon DP: Cobold.

Xzelion: What would you say is your number one goal right now?
Pokemon DP: To be the fifth User to get 10,000 Edits.

Xzelion: What is your favorite part of the 'Shroom?
Pokemon DP: Upcoming Games, because I did it. Joking. I like Upcoming Games because, well, I like all Upcoming Games. :P
Xzelion: And your least favorite?
Pokemon DP: Probably Fake News. Even though it is just for fun, it makes no sense at all, and it creeps me out.

Xzelion: Do you think this is the Final Question?
Pokemon DP: If I answer that, I am gonna get humilated. Yes and No. Yes, cos' it is currently the final question until you ask another, No, cos' another question may be asked. :P
Xzelion: Is that your final answer? (if you would consider it an answer :|)
Pokemon DP: Is that a trick question?
Xzelion: Who cares this interview is over. Thanks :P
Pokemon DP: :P OK. No Problem