The 'Shroom:Issue LXXXIII/Palette Swap


Director's Notes (FunkyK38 (talk))

Welcome, all, to Palette Swap! I’m glad to be back as your Director again, although there’s not a whole lot for me to direct. So I implore you, my dear readers! Consider signing up for a small section! You don’t have to write a novel every month, and you don’t have to write every month! Or, consider sending in some art!

Anyways, we have a fantastic submission from Paper Yoshi this month! So be sure to check that out! With that done, let’s get to the art!

Sketch Related to Mario (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hi everyone!! This is Paper Yoshi (talk), the Pipe Plaza Director, with something special for you. As you may know, I have recently resigned from Featured Character Artwork due to personal matters. I didn't want to simply leave the Palette Swap team after writing for it for a total of twenty issues, so I decided to do something for the team this month.

I knew I wouldn't be able to draw decently on a piece of paper (I suck at that), so I just grabbed my new iPad and started drawing with my finger. It's a simple drawing, and also my "Thank You" gift to the Palette Swap team for all those incredible months writing Random Image of the Month and Featured Character Artwork.

Anyway, I've held you all long enough, so here's my drawing (finally!) for this month:

Yoshi by P Y.jpg

Featured Sprite (FunkyK38 (talk))

I know for Valentine’s Day, I usually do a Love Bubble, but I am all out of Love Bubbles right now! So, instead, have this sprite of a Rex Shroob from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time! Sprite of Shroob Rex from the Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time game Look at that silly grin…sort of. If he wasn’t an evil Shroob, he might actually be cute. Keep trying, Rex Shroob.

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