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by Superchao (talk)

Greetings, 'Shroom readers! I'm still Superchao, haven't magically transformed into a squid or something overnight. This month, I'm interviewing wiki patroller, and noted relatively-serious guy (but not in a bad way), Mario4Ever! He's been around for a couple years, and despite a little... controversy a long time ago, he seems to be generally chill with everyone. He's also the 'Shroom stats manager, which makes him my coworker nowadays I suppose. Now I should probably stop saying my little piece and let the man himself explain things.


Superchao: Hello, Shroom readers! I'm your friendly neighborhood Interview-Man!
Superchao: And today, I'm interviewing Mario4Ever!
Mario4Ever: Hello there.
Superchao: So, how about the traditional first question. How did you find the wiki?
Mario4Ever: It was around the time Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out. Either I had just received it or was about to, and I looked for information on it. As is tradition with people who haven't been on the wiki since the beginning, I saw mistakes that needed fixing and took it upon myself to fix them. Everything just went from there.
Superchao: Ah, but you see, I too joined the wiki because of a lack of information! But that is a story for another time.
Mario4Ever: I look forward to the day you interview yourself.
Superchao: I know a guy or two who I could shanghai into the job.
Superchao: And, now for the question I've asked several times, but I feel everyone needs to know.
Superchao: Why the name? It's just, well, it sounds like a "generic mario fan" name. Like for example "supermariofan". ...Or for that matter, Super Mario Bros. (no offense to either, obviously)
Mario4Ever: Like naming towns in the Animal Crossing series, coming up with a name to represent myself here was kind of difficult. After staring at the screen for about five minutes or so, it just popped into my head. It's predictable, yes, but it's also easily recognizable and pronounceable.
Superchao: I'll give you that, it is memorable.
Superchao: You and your habit of answering questions in single lines is going to defeat my habit of padding out the interviews...
Mario4Ever: Well, ask me something that requires me to think about my answer, and perhaps things'll change.
Superchao: In that case, who was your first friend on the wiki? Don't forget how and when.
Mario4Ever: Bop1996 (Shoey might object to that, but they're both pretty good friends of mine, I'd say, so he'll live).
Mario4Ever: Bop noticed I bought the 3DS at launch and asked me what games I had. As time progressed, our conversations shifted to the Legend of Zelda and Metroid series (some time after that, he went on hiatus, and then when he came back, I was introduced to the MetroidWiki, where I also have a (much less active) account).
Mario4Ever: We also have similar editing philosophies and a distaste for grammatical errors.
Mario4Ever: As for when, April 10th, 2011.
Mario4Ever: Which, interestingly enough, is two days after I actually began using a talk page.
Superchao: Bop, Shoey, and M4E: The three Patrollers except one disappeared and one quit so now it's the One Patroller And His Retired Pals
Superchao: And I presume you also enjoy Zelda and Metroid too, then.
Mario4Ever: Yes, that would be an accurate presumption.
Superchao: I see! We shall get around to those in due course.
Superchao: For now, at least, let's pretend relevancy. Besides Shoey (and the longlost Monobop), who else would you consider a friend here?
Superchao: Offhand, like Good Buddies. You don't necessarily need to list every single one out, haha.
Mario4Ever: Phoenix, YoshiKong, MCS, and most recently, Tabuu (these are the people with whom I either have or had extended conversations).
Mario4Ever: Oh, and Stooben.
Superchao: Phoenix I know practically nothing about, sadly. Thaaat's what happens when someone pretty much only exists on the wiki (and in the wiki board).
Superchao: Everyone loves Stooben, though.
Mario4Ever: Well, maybe you'd get to know Phoenix if you applied yourself more, haha
Superchao: That would require effort. I've already got like five hidden boards to keep track of.
Mario4Ever: And people call me lazy.
Superchao: Mr. Three-Board
Mario4Ever: I believe it's actually five.
Superchao: I'll think of a rebuttal, just you wait!
Mario4Ever: The Wiki admin board, the Wombat board, the staff boards for the 'Shroom and Awards Committee, and the Poll Committee board.
Superchao: Oh, I always forget the Poll Committee exists.
Superchao: I'm sure Dippy and SMB will be sad to hear that.
Mario4Ever: Good thing SMB's not the type to chew you out about that.
Mario4Ever: Maybe if you applied yourself more, you'd remember.
Superchao: Maybe if I applied myself more I'd remember to get revenge on you!
Superchao: ...That was a terrible comeback. I'm sorry.
Superchao: Anyhow, what got you into being Wiki staff? Was it literally just "I liked correcting mistakes and did it a lot"?
Mario4Ever: Yeah, I've always been that way. In English classes growing up, people were afraid to have me look at their papers because they knew I would rip them apart (these last two semesters in college, though, my attention to detail was appreciated, since it helped people do well).
Superchao: Truly, man is the harshest of all critics.
Mario4Ever: Are there other critics I should know about?
Superchao: I dunno. Maybe Gorilla Grodd counts.
Mario4Ever: Perhaps, though it's been years since I've read or watched anything with him in it.
Superchao: Sad, Brave and the Bold is pretty good. You should watch it sometime.
Superchao: So when abouts did they decide to promote you, and give you the official authority to say "this writing sucks"
Mario4Ever: I was nominated on October 13th, 2011, one day before my birthday (which I think is when I actually received the invitation).
Superchao: And is that about when you started being active on the forum? Because I remember that was about late 2011.
Mario4Ever: Yeah, shortly before then, when I created an account on a particular boring day of editing just to give myself something else to do.
Mario4Ever: I never thought it'd hold my interest as it has.
Superchao: No offense, but I seem to recall you started off as one of the more... controversial users.
Mario4Ever: Indeed I did, and through the events that transpired, I learned to separate my more controversial thoughts and opinions from interactions with others. That's why I'll rarely comment on whatever tragedy or major event has fixated the forum at any given time.
Superchao: Yeah, that's been for the best.
Superchao: Also, I've always found it kind of funny how you always seem to have a serious demeanor even in, say, Mindless Junk. Any particular reason?
Mario4Ever: I've been that way for as long as I can remember, the quiet, studious type. As a child, I got along more with adults than I did with children my age. I considered them (mostly teachers) my equals. While other kids would run and scream and play imagination-based games, I preferred reading, writing, and of course, playing video games.
Superchao: Ah, I see. Reminds me a little of me, except my imagination probably ran overdrive back then, heheh.
Superchao: But the indoors part seems familiar.
Mario4Ever: Oh, don't misunderstand me. I had a pretty active imagination, just not an ordinary one, by the standards of most children.
Superchao: Can you clarify that?
Mario4Ever: Whenever I was bored and didn't have a book handy, I liked to doodle. Most of these doodles were of various sorts of "demons" (think Hollow Ichigo if you've ever read or seen Bleach). I never drew anyone or anything being harmed by these "demons," however.
Superchao: Ah, interesting. I was never one for art, sadly. Out of curiosity, do you still have your old art, or did it get tossed?
Mario4Ever: It got tossed.
Mario4Ever: Unless my mom has some lying around with the other "mementos."
Superchao: Oh well. The things of our past may go but the memories remain.
Superchao: Such as video games!
Mario4Ever: Indeed.
Superchao: Tell me, so we seem vaguely related to the wiki. What's your favorite Mario game?
Mario4Ever: That's rather difficult, since the wiki editor in me is trying to separate them by category.
Mario4Ever: But I'll say Super Mario Bros., since it's fun to play.
Superchao: That's certainly an interesting choice. Most of my interviewees seem to go in for games slightly less retro.
Superchao: Not that that's bad. Where would we be without SMB?
Superchao: (Either of them)
Mario4Ever: Well, North America probably wouldn't have a video game industry.
Mario4Ever: Leave it to the Japanese to save us all.
Superchao: I was talking on a bit more of a personal level.
Mario4Ever: You should know by now that I'm not one for being personal most of the time.
Superchao: Unless you're actually Uncle Sam, in which case you are.
Mario4Ever: Nope, I don't think there is anyone named Sam in my family.
Superchao: You mentioned separating them by category. Why not tell me about a couple of those categories?
Mario4Ever: Not much to tell. I separate the platformers from the star collectors from the RPGs.
Mario4Ever: So I was trying to decide whether to give my favorite overall or my favorite from a given category.
Superchao: In that case, what's your favorite of the latter two categories?
Mario4Ever: Super Mario Galaxy 2 and either Paper Mario or Sticker Star.
Superchao: Also interesting choices; I haven't heard many people say they place 2 about 1, and even fewer would rate Sticker Star very highly.
Mario4Ever: I'm a rebel, I suppose.
Superchao: Why not tell me why you like those two, then?
Mario4Ever: I like SMG2 because of Yoshi's inclusion and because of the Green Stars. I liked the abilities the different food items gave Yoshi, which in turn made the game more fun. The Green Stars, I thought, gave me an incentive to 100% the game.
Superchao: The Green Stars were interesting, but some of them are just "no screw this".
Superchao: For example, that first one in whichever level it was with Gobblegut.
Superchao: I think I stopped at 180 stars?
Mario4Ever: Not bad.
Superchao: Thanks.
Superchao: Did you ever get 242, then?
Mario4Ever: I did.
Mario4Ever: That was an interesting July. Day in and day out, I was screaming about how much I hated the game. My death count was around 830 when it was over.
Superchao: And yet you perservered.
Superchao: Everyone knows you only truly enjoy a hard game when it makes you want to punch things.
Mario4Ever: Indeed. Now for the fun part of your question.
Mario4Ever: I liked the new sticker mechanic in Sticker Star. I thought it made battles more interesting and required me to strategize to some degree.
Superchao: 'Fraid it looks like you're in the minority on that. But such is life.
Mario4Ever: More importantly, however, was the fact that the game was not similar to TTYD, which is my least favorite of the series because of its similarity to Paper Mario.
Superchao: Truly, you spout controversal opinions even now!
Mario4Ever: I've even said TTYD is my least favorite Mario game (I apologize if saying that means this section doesn't get SOTM).
Superchao: You've doomed my chances, you heartless bastard!
Mario4Ever: Now for my common response to that: "If I had no heart, blood could not circulate through my body."
Superchao: What if you had a swirling vortex of evil, though?
Mario4Ever: What is "evil?"
Superchao: Things I don't like.
Mario4Ever: "Good" answer.
Superchao: And yes, that's an objective definition that applies to everything.
Superchao: No one else's opinions matter!
Mario4Ever: *applauds*
Superchao: Anyhow, may I ask why you feel the first was preferable then? I agree they are similar, but find TTYD to be better developed (superguarding, partner health, and generally more interesting characters).
Mario4Ever: I didn't like superguarding, and I thought that most of the characters were boring (I will even go so far as to say that I enjoyed the personalities of some of Sticker Star's Toads more than I did those of the characters in TTYD).
Superchao: You do realize I need to secretly kill you now.
Superchao: I can understand superguarding though, I've heard some people feel it makes the game too easy.
Superchao: Meanwhile I'm playing Paper Mario and I miss partner health so baaad.
Mario4Ever: haha
Superchao: Anyhow. What about SPM, then?
Mario4Ever: That would be my second favorite PM game behind PM/SS, mostly because of its radically different gameplay and interesting villains.
Superchao: Which would make it your third, since your first is two games.
Mario4Ever: When someone finishes a race in Mario Kart and happens to be in second place along with someone else, I don't say one of those people finished third.
Superchao: But it's not in second place along with someone else, it's in third place behind two games that just happen to tie.
Mario4Ever: To quote you: "No one else's opinions matter."
Superchao: So, you mentioned Zelda and Metroid earlier, he said in an attempt to avoid having to think of a response.
Superchao: What would you say are your favorite games in those series?
Superchao: (I bet you like Other M too)
Mario4Ever: From Zelda, my favorites are OoT (especially the 3DS port, since it's partly because of that one that I have an ocarina), Majora's Mask, Phantom Hourglass, and Skyward Sword. From Metroid, my favorites are every game except the first two, Hunters, and Pinball (haven't played the latter two). And yes, I do like Other M (another minority opinion).
Superchao: But do you like Other M for the story, or the gameplay?
Mario4Ever: A little of both. I don't love Other M's story, but parts of it are engaging (I particularly liked everything having to do with MB).
Superchao: I see. You're right, that is a very minority opinion.
Superchao: What about the Primes, tho?
Mario4Ever: Probably my favorite video game trilogy, mainly because of that awesome soundtrack (and the fixed Flaahgra theme) and the various kinds of lore scattered across the games' planets.
Superchao: Alas, I only have the busted Flaahgra theme.
Mario4Ever: My condolences.
Superchao: But yes, the scanning is probably one of my favorite parts of the Primes. That and the gameplay.
Mario4Ever: I hated the gameplay on the GameCube. It was only when the first two were ported to the Wii that I could finish them.
Superchao: And I hate the Wii gameplay, I can't get anywhere in 3! Thus the cycle continues.
Mario4Ever: hahaha
Superchao: Next you'll tell me Peko is your least favorite DR2 character.
Mario4Ever: Actually, I stopped following DR2 after the first update, so I can't offer an opinion on its characters.
Superchao: May I ask why?
Mario4Ever: Part of it had to do with time constraints (I was trying to make sure I didn't fail my courses in college), and part of it had to do with how much DR's ending events disappointed me.
Superchao: In what way? Again.
Mario4Ever: I disliked how a clichéd villain like Junko Enoshima could operate Monobear, one of the characters who attracted me to DR.
Mario4Ever: Monobear came across as a Joker/Kefka-esque type, and I couldn't reconcile that with Enoshima's idiocy.
Superchao: Idiocy isn't quite the term I would use
Mario4Ever: What would you call it, then?
Superchao: I'm not sure, I'm just not sure what exactly you're referring to.
Mario4Ever: I thought Enoshima tried too hard to be disturbing or intimidating or what have you upon being discovered, and I thought her behavior was idiotic (like Syo's, but far less interesting).
Superchao: Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining.
Superchao: So, besides Zelda and Metroid. What else do you like, in terms of other game series?
Mario4Ever: Back in January, I got into Skyrim (that's a story in itself), and as of late, I've been alternating between BioShock and BioShock Infinite, both of which I'm playing for the first time. I also like the Assassin's Creed, Batman, and God of War series.
Superchao: Well if it's a story in itself, and you're being interviewed, you know what to do!
Mario4Ever: I was bored one day and decided to look up Skyrim music on YouTube (keep in mind that I had seen nothing about Skyrim except for an ad back in 2011). I knew nothing about the game, but I knew about some of the music, since I had heard "The Dragonborn Comes" performed on ocarina before.
Mario4Ever: I stumbled upon a cover of the "The Dragonborn Comes" by Malukah (on YouTube, she's malufenix), and immediately thought it was one of the best things I had ever heard. In short order, I found her covers of "Age of Aggression," "Age of Oppression," and "Tale of the Tongues."
Superchao: And that inspired you to find the source?
Mario4Ever: After listening to those (and everything else she had for about two weeks straight), I decided to get the game.
Mario4Ever: Suffice to say that she ruined the in-game bards for me.
Superchao: Heheheheh.
Superchao: What about Bioshock, though? What attracted you to that?
Mario4Ever: I heard good things about Infinite, and I played the demo of BioShock. The latter was fun, and I wanted to see what the big deal about Infinite was, so Infinite was given to me during the Steam Summer Sale, and I bought BioShock for $5.
Mario4Ever: As of this writing, I have played BioShock for three hours and Infinite for 12.
Superchao: Pffft, sounds like Infinite really did beat out the first.
Mario4Ever: And I have played Skyrim for 208, 100 of which were logged in my first week of owning it.
Mario4Ever: And yeah, I would say that I'm having more fun in Columbia than in Rapture right now.
Superchao: Alas, I have yet to play any of the Bioshocks (although I do know about the first game's plot.) Perhaps someday I will.
Mario4Ever: You've got time.
Superchao: Well, anyhow. You brought up writing and reading, earlier.
Superchao: Whaddaya rite and whaddaya read?
Mario4Ever: I haven't written anything that wasn't for a grade in quite some time (last thing I was a graded on was a vampire short story whose main character feeds on the knowledge of human beings and vampires he kills (the class was based around vampires)).
Superchao: But did you pass?
Mario4Ever: Yes, of course. Writing courses have always been my best.
Superchao: Then why not answer the more current question? 'bout reading, I mean.
Mario4Ever: I remember my professor said that I could write professionally, which I won't do, but it's not out of the question as a hobby.
Superchao: Well that certainly sounds complimentary.
Mario4Ever: As for what I read, the books tend to be fantasy/sci-fi/horror based.
Superchao: Any specifics you'd wanna recommend?
Mario4Ever: Stephen King, Robert Jordan, Michael Crichton, Dan Brown...though I also like the nonfiction of David McCullough and have a taste for the "classics" (Shakespeare, Foucault, Homer, Dante, etc.).
Superchao: Mr. Cultured here
Mario4Ever: Yeah, I'm a person with a lengthy attention span.
Superchao: What about Japanese? I seem to recall you bringing that up.
Superchao: As in, learning it.
Mario4Ever: I bought Rosetta Stone back in May (maybe a week or so after school let out for the summer (I got out on the fifth)) because my school doesn't teach Japanese, and I didn't want to go find a tutor. I also wanted something "productive" to do.
Mario4Ever: While there are things I dislike about the software, so far, I'm not regretting the exorbitant amount of money I paid for it. I know more practical Japanese in two months than I do practical French (which I took for four years, one in middle school and three in high school).
Superchao: Why Japanese specifically, anyway?
Mario4Ever: I think it sounds better than Spanish and thought it would be easier to learn than Chinese (other options I considered). I'm also majoring in Computer Game Design and Development, so if, by some miniscule chance I end up needing to interact with Japanese developers down the line, I'll be able to (I don't expect RS to get me there by itself, but it's a start).
Superchao: Ah, I getcha.
Superchao: Me, I'd only be interested in it mainly because Japanese artworks and video games (i.e. Pixiv). Alas I have no idea where to start. It's a tragedy.
Superchao: Obviously I need to fob everything off on you to translate!
Mario4Ever: If only to give Walkazo, Martini, and whoever else capable of doing so a break.
Superchao: I didn't even know Walkazo could read Japanese. Good on her.
Mario4Ever: Maybe if you applied yourself mor-*shot*
Superchao: i'm going to assassinate you when you LEAST EXPECT IT
Superchao: So that reminds me, I completely forgot to ask about why you applied for the Shroom in the first place (i.e. when the Sub-Director spot was open).
Superchao: Tell us! Hopefully SMB won't fire me for forgetting where I work.
Mario4Ever: How the hell does the thought of assassinating me remind you of that?
Superchao: No, the fact that we just brought up something related to your Wiki job (i.e. your boss)
Superchao: And I remembered hey, you have other positions of power!
Mario4Ever: Ah, ok.
Mario4Ever: To answer your question, I enjoy helping the wiki, of which the 'Shroom can be considered a part, and thought I'd throw my hat in the ring, so to speak. I didn't want to restrict myself to one area of the community.
Superchao: And then they hired you for elsewhere! So that all worked out.
Mario4Ever: Indeed.
Superchao: What's it like being the stats manager?
Mario4Ever: It's all right. The Writer History took some getting used to, but I usually have it updated within three days of an issue's release (actually haven't read the July issue yet even though I updated the history yesterday).
Superchao: For shame. SMB is going to have your head for that.
Superchao: ON A PLATTER.
Mario4Ever: No he won't. I'm sure both he and Tucky care more about accurately recording who writes how many sections and whatnot than they do about my actual opinion of the paper, at least when I'm doing my job.
Superchao: Didn't you fall behind by like a month?
Mario4Ever: Not that I recall, but the history was outdated by three months when I took the job (except Critic Corner, which I think was only outdated by one).
Mario4Ever: If I did fall behind, it was fixed in relatively short order.
Superchao: Hmm, I thought the staff members section for Issue LXXV took a while to go up. Maybe I misremember.
Mario4Ever: That's a possibility (the staff members thing). It's easy to overlook that part of the history because it seldom needs updating.
Superchao: And then you get two new people in one month. That sort of thing.
Mario4Ever: Yeah, it's been an interesting few months.
Superchao: So what's your apparent interest in characters like Hannibal Lector, Kefka, and Togami all about? I'm basing this entirely on avatars and sigs and namechanges, so.
Mario4Ever: I've always been more interested in villains/antagonists (or those with qualities associated with villains/antagonists) than in heroes/protagonists. Superchao: Now why is that?
Mario4Ever: For some reason or another, I consider them more developed and, in some instances, I identify with them (e.g. Togami is probably my video game counterpart).
Mario4Ever: (not the fat one, though)
Superchao: are you sure you don't weigh a whole lot (and die first)
Mario4Ever: Positive. I'm just glad he lived through DR. though.
Superchao: Personally, I can think of a few games where I definitely prefer the bad guy to the good guy.
Superchao: Dr. Eggman over Sonic, for example.
Mario4Ever: Oh yeah, though I think Eggman's kind of pathetic at times.
Superchao: Dude can get some impressive moments, at least.
Mario4Ever: hahaha
Mario4Ever: This is true.
Superchao: Anyhow, I still need to play FFVI, so I can't comment on Kefka.
Mario4Ever: I like him, the Joker, and Pennywise (though he's a special case) because they're psychotic clowns.
Mario4Ever: To put things simply, anyway.
Superchao: What's your interest in psychotic clowns, then?
Mario4Ever: Clowns are usually these cheerful beings which evoke images of wonder at the circus or something like that (unless you have an irrational fear of them), and I like the contrast of that with these specific clowns' murderous tendencies.
Superchao: I think more people think of clowns as creepy than funny these days.
Superchao: But I always thought they were pretty entertaining, so.
Mario4Ever: Good for you.
Superchao: Well, let's see what's next on my list!
Superchao: Hmm, would you say...
Superchao: This is the last question?
Mario4Ever: いいえ。(No)
Superchao: Well you're WRONG
Superchao: Ahahahahaha!
Mario4Ever: Am I?
Superchao: fuck that's a question
Mario4Ever: Is this not a question?
Superchao: you ruined everything
Mario4Ever: Or this?
Mario4Ever: Or this?
Superchao: I guess it wasn't the last question after all.
Superchao: Anyhow, thanks for sticking around for interview purposes.
Mario4Ever: どういたしまして。(you're welcome)


I've run out of things to say considering I spent them all in the interview. So nothing to see here, ahahaha. Just go ask M4E himself if you have more questions, or something.

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