The 'Shroom:Issue LV/Fading Into Obscurity

Fading Into Obscurity

by Marioguy1 (talk)
Dimentio from Super Paper Mario.
He’s nice.

Bonjour tout le monde! Marioguy1 ici pour une autre publication de Fading into Obscurity! Sorry about that, my French class is getting to my head! In case you didn’t understand that, Marioguy1 here for another issue of Fading into Obscurity! This month, we’ll be looking at a character who you would be surprised to see in this section, but I believe fits nonetheless. I’m talking about Dimentio!

Dimentio is the main antagonist of Super Paper Mario. While I’ve never played that game, I do know a bit about Dimentio. He begun as an agent for the apparent antagonist of the game, Count Bleck. He is fought three times as a minion of Count Bleck and then, after defeating Count Bleck, he becomes Super Dimentio and is fought like that; making it a total of four times.

Super Paper Mario came out in 2007. It has been four years since then. Since 2007, Dimentio has completely disappeared. No appearances in other games, no trophy in Brawl, no sticker in Brawl, nothing. It appears as if Dimentio has completely faded into obscurity.