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Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Coincollector (talk)

Welcome, Mario Karters, to Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner. This is you friend Coincollector here to tell you the tip of the month.

Mario Kart Wii: An overview of Mario Circuit, seeing the castle surrounded by houses as residence
There is something weird in this picture... There's a rainbow even though it's not raining!

The subject of this month's tip will be the Mario Circuit of Mario Kart Wii. This course is the first of the Flower Cup and as its name suggests, this course belongs to the famous red-capped plumber whose name I don´t remember :P. The course takes place mostly in the peaceful and joyful Toad Town, with the Castle of Princess Peach in the background.

The course starts on a long and straight path that goes downhill through Toad Town, leading the racers toward Princess Peach's castle. It looks like the track will enter the castle, but instead it turns right onto a section of the track infested with Goombas that cross the road constantly to hinder the racers. If you touch one, you'll spin out of control and lose speed, so it's better to avoid them. After passing these pesky enemies, you'll leave the town and veer right again to a stretch where a huge Chain Chomps watches the racers over a sandy area. Watch out when turning here, because that Chomp can surprise you by ramming into your vehicle to bowl you over if you are within its range. The trip continues through a tunnel below the town and then turns to the left. From this point, start to turn around to the right. Again, beware of the Goombas before reaching the end of the track. Once you have surpassed these obstacles, you'll return to Toad town and you'll have completed a lap by crossing the line.

Mario Circuit (Wii)
Beware of the Chain Chomp. It's ready to attack

There is a small shortcut in this circuit, located in the zone guarded by the Chain Chomp. Behind the toothed creature, you'll spot a speed ramp in the sand that you can use to do a trick and go directly to the entrance of the tunnel. As this shortcut is over rough terrain, you'll need a mushroom or star or something similar to pass this way without problems. The last curve after the tunnel has a grassy area on its left side. If you use again a Mushroom, Star, or Mega Mushroom, you can cut through the grass and skip the part where the Goombas are.

Additionally, although the Goombas walking in the road are only a nuisance, you can dispatch them by throwing a projectile like a Koopa Shell or hit them using a Star or a Bullet Bill. The Goomba will then be flattened and momentarily rendered harmless, and will drop a Mushroom in the road. Lightning can also flatten them but they won't leave mushrooms in this way.

That's all for Mario Kart Wheel Tips Corner. see you around next month.