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From the Mushroom Vaults

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Tips, Secrets, and more for Mario's games!

Warpin' Whistles

One of the coolest, but littlest known secrets of Super Mario Bros. 3 is the Warp Whistles, some of the most valuable treasures of the Mushroom World. Two of them are safely stowed away in Grass Land, World 1, but one was stolen by Bowser's Koopa minions and hidden in the Koopahari Desert, World 2. Toad guards the first, in his secret house in World 1-3. To gain entrance, Mario must make his way to the end of the level. Then, on the white, floating block near the exit, he should crouch for five seconds. He will then fall through it, behind the scenery! He can then run behind the exit, into Toad's secret shop. The chest holds the first whistle!

The second is in World 1-Fortress. Only Raccoon Mario can grab this one! Mario must make his way to the end of the first area. When he sees the first door, he can race back and forth on the small stretch, eventually getting enough momentum to fly up, up, onto the ceiling! Once on it, he must run to the end. When he cannot go any further, Up on the D-Pad on the controller must be pressed to give Mario access to a secret room, with another chest holding the second Whistle!

The last in hidden in the overworld of World, 2: Desert Land. Once Mario has made his way to the topmost-left corner, he can use a Hammer (a Hammer Bro. in this world hoards one) on the top rock to open a new area! When he engages the Hammer Bro. in this area, he'll find the they are the elite Fire Bros., the top of the Koopa Bro. heap. These spit fireballs while jumping about, making them a hard target. It is recommended that Mario use a Starman on them to ensure an easy victory. Once they are defeated, Mario will gain the last Whistle! But what do these strange items do, you ask?

Why, they warp Mario to World 9, Warp Zone! Here, Mario can warp to different areas of the game. If used correctly, Mario can warp straight to World 8, where Bowser awaits. Good luck on finding them, Mario!

Confidential: TOP SECRET ZONE!

One of the greatest, most helpful secrets of Super Mario World is the very little-known Top Secret Zone. Only Cape Mario can uncover the entrance! In the Donut Ghost House, Cape Mario must run to the end of the first platform. When he gets to the end, he should turn, then run like made to the beginning! At the very end, he can leap to go up, up, up, up, UP to a secret series of platforms near the ceiling! At the end, he should fall down to find the way to a secret exit. t will open the way to... The Top Secret Area! Here, there are five ? Blocks. The middle one holds Yoshi, the two to the left, Fire Flowers, and to the right, Cape Feathers! To exit, Mario can simply move off the screen. Whenever Mario needs a powerup, he can return here to recharge!