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So, if this comprises both NES Remixes, the article should have all the challenges from both games? YoshiCGicon.pngTSUNAMIArtwork of Plessie with the four playable characters, from Super Mario 3D World.

Maybe, but I honestly don't know... User:Whitey (talk / edits)

Does this image help? User:Whitey (talk / edits)

NES Remix Pack title screen

Is this page needed?Edit

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The wiki covers NES Remix series as a guest appearance, and we have a policy against making pages for X-in-one releases. Spectrogram (talk) 10:14, April 18, 2023 (EDT)

I guess it's borderline? We have a page on Ultimate NES Remix, which is also just a compilation game of both NES Remix games, but not complete like this one. I can see this page staying or getting removed honestly.   It's me, Mario! (Talk / Stalk) 22:06, April 19, 2023 (EDT)
Ultimate NES Remix is more of a mix-up of select minigames, and it also includes Speed Mario Bros. This one is just a two-in-one package Spectrogram (talk) 01:02, April 20, 2023 (EDT)
I think Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move + Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! is very similar too.--Platform (talk) 12:12, April 21, 2023 (EDT)
At the very least it's a Mario game. Spectrogram (talk) 14:20, April 21, 2023 (EDT)
I think the Mario-related content is significant enough to warrant this page staying (Mario-related content makes up about 50% of the content in the two games combined.) Plus, with the Wii U eShop closing, this collection is the only way to buy these games, raising its significance further. Whitey (talk) 20:28, August 30, 2023 (EDT)