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This is an archive of a successful featured article nomination. If this page is unprotected, do not modify its contents, as it is an archive of past discussions.
Kart was nominated to be a featured article at 18:35, 26 July 2009 (EDT) and passed at 22:30, 27 August 2009.



  1. Coincollector (talk) - Article completely rewritten and reorganized, containing lots-a information on each apearance.
  2. Super Mario Bros. (talk) Per the Collector of Coins, the article looks wonderful now!
  3. Marioguy1 (talk) - I scrolled down the article and found that I was never bored meaning it has the proper looks to interest readers fully. I only found one mistake that stood out...
  4. Lu-igi board (talk) nice article
  5. McQueenMario (talk) Looks good to me.
  6. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) Sure, why not have it a Featured Article, fits the demands quite well.


Removal of Opposes


If there is a mistake of sort in the article, you can fix it. I'd appreciate it. Coincollector (talk)

Could a native speaker of English please check the article for grammatical errors? I think there are quite a few, but I'm not a native speaker either, so it'd be great if someone else could do that. I'll oppose only in case nobody does it in time :) Time Q (talk)

Anyone? Otherwise I'll have to oppose tomorrow :P Time Q (talk)
I will. Yoshario (talk)

I tried to rewrite some parts, fixing the grammar and other little things. I forgot to tell you while Time Q did his first comment. Anyway, thanks for fixing those things I hadn't noticed. Coincollector (talk)

I did notice you fixed some parts, but - no offense - you're not a native speaker, and it's always good to let a native speaker check something we want to put on the main page. Time Q (talk)
I've checked it, and English is my native language. There were a few errors, but I've fixed those up. Yoshario (talk)

Okay, thanks. On a different note, currently there are two different spellings of "kart" in the article: capitalized "Kart" and non-capitalized "kart". We should decide for one, but which? Time Q (talk)

I think "kart" because it's not a proper noun. Yoshario (talk)
I just checked several manuals, and in 64 the term is treated like a proper noun (i.e. it's capitalized). It's not capitalized in the manuals of the other games SMK (here it's even spelled "cart"), Double Dash, DS and Wii. Well, even though the "kart" spelling seems to prevail, one source shows that "Kart" is a proper noun in the Mario series, and thus it should be capitalized. That's just my opinion though. Time Q (talk)

Well, use the term "kart" (not capitalized) for all the page, excluding the summary and the MK64 section. This could be explained adding a footnote or a reference that the term receives a proper noun, and also adding that info about how karts were spelled in SMK, I think. Coincollector (talk)

I'm not sure if it's the best solution to use two different spellings in the article. Especially since I don't know if the term is spelled differently in the games themselves. Time Q (talk)

I think it's the best option. Also, there is a an article called Mine Cart and you see in the top of the Kart's page. Another option (and the last I've made) is adding a disambiguation page to the term "cart" as a name alluded in the Yoshi series and Mario Kart series. Last, the "Kart" name could be supported using a reference in the MK64 section, or talk about this as a trivia. Coincollector (talk)