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This article is about the worm character in Donkey Kong 64. For the wormlike ghost in Yoshi's Story, see Ghost (Yoshi's Story). For the caterpillar that is erroneously and generically referred to as a worm by Prima Games, see Big Green Caterpillar.
Worm DK64 screenshot.png
Species Worm
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“Y'know, I don't like it here anymore. It's always raining. Take me to a nice sunny spot somewhere else and the banana's yours!”
Worm, Donkey Kong 64

The Worm[1], or Mr. Worm[2][3], is a minor character in Donkey Kong 64, and he resides inside a large green apple in Fungi Forest.

Chunky is the only Kong who talks with the Worm, who is located near Funky's Store. He explains to Chunky about his issues with the Tomatoes surrounding his house. Worm explains that the Tomatoes ate all of his friends, and claims to be the only survivor of them. He offers Chunky a Golden Banana for destroying the four Tomatoes. To do so, Chunky must turn into his Hunky Chunky transformation from a nearby Kong Barrel to squish the Tomatoes.

The Worm does not reward Chunky yet, as he asks him to relocate his house to a sunnier location, because he dislikes the constant rainfall in the current area. Still under his Hunky Chunky transformation, Chunky must pick up the Worm's house and place it on a dirt patch near the cuckoo clock tower. The patch depicts the Worm's own house. By doing so, the Worm thanks Chunky and rewards him with a Golden Banana.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アオムシ[4]
Blue Worm


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