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Hi! It's Yoshi728!

Nerdyguy, Cherrybomb444, and Luigi128, who are you?

Nerdyguy, thanks, but you didn't have to delete all my stuff! (But thanks for telling me where to find it again!) I'm new, and and after posting a bunch of stuff on my talk page, I finally realized that half the stuff on it should go on my user page. But I wasnt sure about that. Obviously, I decided to delete what you wrote. PS: What about me thinking you're a troll? PPS: Who are you? (give me a vauge hint)

You could've just put this stuff on my talk page. Anyway, I thought you might think I was a troll if I blanked some of your info without giving a reson. Also, people normaly put that welcome template on new users talk pages, we are just trying to welcome you. People don't just tlak to you because you ask them too. You have to talk to them on thier own talk pages or something. And I did have to delete that stuff on here because they aren't supposed to be here, because a talk page is for other users to talk to you, if you need help with a game, ask a user. But, most people here are to edit, not for advice. Hi!!!Nerdy Guy (Sorry if I offended you, you seem more easily offended than most people here)Click on the "y", please.


I'm pretty sure I go to your school, do you go to *** **** ****** ** ********* ********?

Sorry I did that, cheery. I didn't want our school to be exposed. leftcenterEGG Yoshileftcenter CherryBomb444 You are evil