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favorite games

  1. Paper mario thousand year door
  2. Super mario kart
  3. Mario party 7
  4. Super mario world

favorite characters

  1. Yoshi!
  2. Goombella (so much like me, I mean if any mario character read a book on herbs who would it be)
  3. Daisy (but I hate peach)

and if that bothers you, I can double your rage and pin you in the head with it(but I wont, so please do comment if you want to)

Character Flaws

  1. peach(how many times has she been captured, and she is a DAMSEL IN DISTRESS )
  2. mario (he doesn't do what he does to save the world, he does it to save peach)
  3. bowser (anger management classes,please)
  4. Boo (so incredibly shy)
  5. Yoshi (NONE)
  6. Goomba (*poked by stick*then dies!)
  7. Luigi (not playing with a full deck)

Positive Character traits

  1. Peach (sweet and nice and pretty)
  2. Mario (I think you can figure this one out)
  3. Bowser (Ok, whats not cool about being able to breath fire)
  4. Boo (Who doesnt love a ghost)
  5. Goomba (aww cute little teeth)
  6. Luigi (What better brother could you ask for)
  7. Goombella (genius)
  8. Koops (brave for a koopa)
  9. Flurrie (she would be a great singer with that lung capacity)
  10. Yoshi (Cute and AWESOME)
  11. Vivian (FIRE)
  12. Admiral Bobbery (BOOM)
  13. Miss Mowz (Nice name)


[URL=""][IMG]6ed6ihik.png[/IMG] Click here to level up my license![/URL]


I got super paper mario and it is nothing like thousand year door! there is

  1. no turn based battles
  2. your partners are PIXLS
  4. and it cost 50$!

Paper mario Help

If you need help w/ the 1st one I am reffering you to Yoshi301 otherwise Just ask me for thousand year door help (Until I put together An actual help page) also please feel free to suggest topics for my paper mario "help page" Sorry if construction is slow, I have to go through my games and my memory to get answers to questions, and I dont totally trust my memory.



Need a little help with your help?

  1. Q:how do I get miss mowz?
  2. A:After Chapter4 You can go to the trouble center and take the job from ??? then, to get on top of zess Ts house, go to the second floor of the inn

then go through the door on your left then continue to walk in that direction,(this it also where you find the badge shop) then speak with miss mowz, THEN go to hooktails castle and THEN go to his lair and THEN use flurrie high lung capacity to fnd a chest (and for you bozos out there OPEN IT AND GET THE BADGE)THEN go talk to miss mowz AGAIN she will then join your party

  1. Q:How Do I level up my partners?
  2. A:You need 3 shine sprites in order to level up your partner, and when you have them go to Merlins house (next to fake wall) and talk to him and... you can figure out the rest
  3. Q:No, The second time, not the first time,How do I level up my partners a second time?
  4. A:After Chapter 5 he will be outside his house, talk to him and then go to hooktails castle and bring him the up arrow from the room behind the room w/ the spikes and then follow the steps in the above answer

Trouble Center

Need help helping people?

  1. Q:Where is the key from "NEED A KEY"
  2. A:On top of zess T's house (for instructions on getting there, see Partner help)
  3. Q:
  4. A:

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