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Thanks for submitting this glitch it will be tested and see if any thing come up. also please leave new messages at the bottom of my talk page if you could. thank you. Luigibros2

I gtg, so cya. by the way, nice sig. TatlolouStar.gif

PS2: Take it or leave it?[edit]

I am thinking of buying a PS2. There are tons of games for it and a bunch that I haven't played in years, like Klonoa. Post here if you have an opinion. Thank You.


hey! hows it goin! hope to see you around the wiki! Luigfreak Luigi Mai talk


Do NOT buy a PS2.They have long loading times,and the controler is crappy,and the console breaks easily.supermario6449

Re: BAMZAI!!! :B[edit]

Hi! Well, Sorry about the bamzai, i wont let it happen again, and a bout the hammer in the quiz, i dont make that section :) TucayoSig.png Have a nice day :)


I Just wanted to invite you to the "Planet description pipeproject" if you have galaxy. We need all the help we can. Luigfreak Luigi Mai talk

Thanks for joining! Luigfreak Luigi Mai talk


I'll be your friend too, if you want, if you do send me a message at User_talk:I.M.A.Nonimous

deadluigisoc.gif --I.M.A.Nonimous t160602835184503_2.gif Go weegie!

Ill be ur friend! I need more friends! Caution! Your Buddy Bill was [[{{{2}}}|here!]]? BlockClick here and u get a cookie free issue of my fake fake news.

I dunno, i think i joined over the summer. lemme check Caution! Your Buddy Bill was [[{{{2}}}|here!]]? BlockI should find out...

August 2nd, 2008. My first edit wasnt until days later. Caution! Your Buddy Bill was [[{{{2}}}|here!]]? BlockIm sometime going to fix something that my first edit was about...


Remember me? Yeah.... well hi? You still do stuff around here? well, i just wanted to see how youre doing. seeya. Luigfreak Luigi Mai talk

Zero777: Hi![edit]

I am Zero! Hi, I checked out your page, I really like it. Hey you want to be friends Geno Whirl? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Zero777: RE[edit]

I am Zero! Alright, great, I also had a feeling that you weren't spending that much time here. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Zero777: SSBZ[edit]

I am Zero! Geno Whirl check out my sub-page (link is in my userpage), it's a letter that I'm going to send to Nintendo about what newcomers should be in the next SSB game and alterations of veterans, Geno is part of the playable character list, he is right after Rosalina. I was a little creative for all of his moves. What are they, I won't tell you, you have to check it out. Tell your other friends to check it out, also. Zero signing out.Zero777 (talk)

New Proposal[edit]

I am Zero! Hey Geno Whirl, I made a new proposal, check it out, it deals with the main page. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)