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Hello everybody! this is mah user talk page. Say something 2 meh if ya want. Here you can leave your friend codes for brawl, wii and mkds! Welcome!

Talk 2 me[edit]

Add your message as a sub sub-section on the category your message fits in.

Say hello[edit]

Yo (by: Fawfulfury65)[edit]

Hey! I saw that your fav video game characters are Geno and Fawful, and they're my favs too! Talk to me sometime! Fawfulfury65


Nothing here

More stuff[edit]

nothing here =(

Friend Codes[edit]

Adanfimario (me)[edit]


7619-4012-8188-8126 (by memory o_0)


2277-6607-3986 (this too)

Mario Kart DS[edit]