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hi im mike lazo or simply known as zeldafan. yes i do play zelda alot but i like the mario series way better thats why im 15 and a sophmore in high school. im new here but ive known about this website since jan. 2007. i love to play video games alot and love my computer. i played the nes when i was real little so i dont rember it that well but i do remember playing the super nintendo. i had the nintendo 64 but i sold it for a nintendo ds which i later sold for a ds lite. i had a gamecube but i also sold that and got a wii. i like to play the mario series of course, the legend of zelda, metroid, kirby, pokemon, fire emblem, f-zero, star fox, sonic the hedgehog, casltevania, bomberman, rayman, banjo kazooi, crash bandicoot, spyro, resident evil, megaman, ratchet and clank, and jak and daxter. i listen to video game music and heavy metal alot, oh and emo music and NO IM NOT A CUTTER. i play alot of old games via emulation on my computer. i dont like microsoft and the halo series sucks in my opinion. i hate all the games and halo 3 is GONNA SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sony is all right except their hardware now isnt that good but their games are pretty nice. i dont like the psp because mine crashed on me. i do like the sega game consoles and have them all on emulation.