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Hi! I'm Yoshi96. I get on Mario Wiki a lot!! My favorite character is Yoshi. GO YOSHI!!!

Yoshi2.gif Yoshitennis.gif

My Favorite Charaters

1. Yoshi2.gif





Games I Have

These are the Mario games I own. Since I started getting into the Mario series last year. I don't have a lot of games. I also have how much I have left of the game too.

My List:

1.Mario Party 8- Need more figures.

2.Mario Kart Wii-

Got Star Rank in all Cup sin all modes: 50cc- All 100cc- All 150cc- Some Mirror- Some

Got three star Rank in all cups in all modes:

50cc- None 100cc- None 150cc- None Mirror- None

Unlocked All characters:

Daisy- Yes Birdo- Yes Diddy Kong- Yes Bowser Jr.- Yes Baby Luigi- Yes Baby Daisy- Yes Toadette- Yes Dry Nones- Yes Rosalina- Yes Funky Kong- Yes King Boo- Yes Dry Bowser- No Mii Outfit #1- Yes Mii Outfit #2- No

Unlcoked Expert Staff Ghost:

Luigi Circuit- Yes Mushroom Gorge- Yes

I'll add the rest some other time.

3. New Play Control!! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat- I'm on Pineapple Kingdom.

4. Donkey Kong Country (GBA)- I'm on Ropey Rampage.

My Favorite Game's Mansion Box.png

YAY!!! I finished this game! With a Class C mansion too! No I do not own it.

Games I Want

1.Mario Super Sluggers

2.Mario Strikers Charged

3.Mario Pinball Land

My User Boxes

Yoshi96's Userbox Tower
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