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About me

Hi. I'm WingedYoshi, a lurker who edits quite a bit for a lurker and doesn't exist outside of this place on the Internet, be it forum or otherwise. Well, i do exist, but you won't ever find a WingedYoshi who is the same as the one I am. If you've found my page, congratulations for finding one of many of my edits. I've been playing games my whole life and would call myself a nerd. I'm also a budding graphic designer/artist. Yoshi is freaking awesome, man.Nintendo is epic, and you MIGHT find me on zeldapedia, should you look hard enough. I only joined fully sometime in July 2011, so I'm also kind of new to this. Portal 2 was probably the best non-Nintendo game ever made. A cookie or an Internet to whoever can successfully link me to one of my many internet personas and nom de plumes. Good luck with that one. Thanks for reading, presuming you actually sat and read that long-winded explanation. It was far too wordy by half.