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It is advised that this image should NOT be elegible for replacement, image format change, or deletion because it represents a game before its official release. These images are official Nintendo images.

How to Use

Use this template for images that differ from the places depicted in the released version of the product.

Image Quality Tags

{{image-quality}} For images with a severe lack of good quality standards. Category:Quality requested
{{tweak}} For images that are not that bad in quality but needs a better replacement anyways. Category:Images that need improvement
{{tweak-gamerip}} A sub-template of {{tweak}}, specific to obtaining a particular level of quality relating to sprites and 3D renders. Category:Images that need a game rip
{{Convert to PNG}} For screenshots and sprites saved in the JPEG or single-frame GIF format. Category:PNG requested
{{Convert to SVG}} For Logos in JPEG, single-frame GIF, or PNG format that are not screenshot-derived. Category:SVG requested

Category:Image Notices Sandbox