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Do people still use these? Who cares. I love this wiki and I'll do whatever I can to contribute! I'm open to talking and I'm interested in the history of this wiki and its userbase. :)

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About Me

I'm a programmer and game designer! I'm working on a rhythm-themed RPG known as Dreamers that you can check out here! As soon as a demo drops, I'll be placing a link on here.

Super Mario Wiki Adventures

In 2007-2008, there was a webcomic uploaded to this wiki known as Super Mario Wiki Adventures. Said comic was created by a user named Lil' Boo who hosted it on old image hosters that unfortunately had been shut down around 2011-2012. After days of digging and contacting several old members of the wiki, the comic was able to be restored due to archives found on wikia. You can read the comic HERE.

Why does something like this matter, you might wonder? The answer is that little internet creations like these are important to keep preserved. Archiving the creations of users to make sure they're not lost to time means that if there are others, like me, who remember something like this, they're able to still find it decades afters its initial creation.

I hope to continue my work of preservation in the future, when the time comes.


I run a Nuzlocke Comic you can check out here!

You can also check out my for my games and my Github for the rest of my programming projects.

Oh yeah, I'm also on Twitter.