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Real Name:Alex
Favorite Game:Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
Favorite Character:Mario,Luigi,Toad and Goombella
Least Favorite Character:Princess Peach

My Signturae BiSFireMario.PNG User:TrickyMario7654 BiSfireluigi.PNG

I'm the founder of the error

Welcome to my profile info is coming soon Info

  • I am a male
  • i'm 12 years old

Who's online: TheDarkStar, BBQ Turtle, Blhte, Vmario97, Keyblade Master, PhGuy12, Shokora, Weedle McHairybug, Pallukun, TowerPowerPokey, Infinite8, MrConcreteDonkey

Weridest Mario bros moments

Here my weirdest Mario Monents

10.Baby Bros

What Happend Mario?

9.Princess Luigi

8.Luigi The Dog?

Huh What Happend

7.Bean fever

File:Bean Fever.PNG
Oh dear Mario is going to be a bean also what happens if you wait three days after Mario Catches bean fever.

6.Eat you for lunch

File:I shall eat you for lunch.jpg
Really that getting old!

We will be right back soon And we're back

5. Fluree kissing Mario

4. The phone bill

He died cos of a phone bill

3.Mario showering

What the Heck?

2.Getting Lazored

And number 1

Error Over 9000!

1.It is Broken



I have uploaded these photos

Hey Mario How did we get here
File:The Magic of photo editing.jpg
My Magic of Photo Editing

Only for

I hate we're it says Only for on the Boxart

Only For Playstation 1


Feel free to copy

TrickyMario7654's Userbox Tower
PMTTYD Goombella Artwork.jpg

My pets

Here are my pets

20% Juice

What's juice that's 20% juice

File:20% Juice.jpg
What in the rest of it?

Annoy me and...

Annoy me and get bit by a hammer

It's Hammer time