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Speedy Graffiti

Unfortunately, the best strategy for this minigame is to simply paint the whole stone in quick motions...

  • Added paint limit for each stone, roughly equal to twice the minimum paint needed to colour the shape. Surpassing this will cause your character to sigh disappointedly and the stone will break without granting a point.

Swing Kings

The low balls are much harder to hit, and can occur in vastly different frequencies for each players. Moreover the high balls are much easier to hit.

  • All 4 players will receive the exact same ball heights on each ball throw, removing unfair advantages/disadvantages due to RNG.

Water Ski Spree

A boring and somewhat unfair minigame at times.

  • The coins are now visible much sooner
  • Some coins will appear en route as well as on the ramps, the total coin count is therefore increased to 20
  • Hitting a spiny egg will cause the player to drop a coin.

Crank to Rank

Sometimes it feels like the flag just stops rising for no reason. Also the game could stand to be a little longer.

  • The game is less sensitive with how perfect the circle motion needs to be
  • The flagpoles are slightly taller, increasing how far the flag must be cranked